Why settle for less? Malaysians complete #TheMissingHalf with Reckitt and Shopee

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reckitt, the global leader in health, hygiene and nutrition, partners with Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan to launch its "Complete #TheMissingHalf" Regional Super Brand Day. Families can rely on trusted brands from Reckitt including Enfagrow A+ MindPro, Dettol & Vanish to enhance the protection of the health, hygiene and nutrition of their loved ones, ensuring that they are not missing out.

Shoppers can look forward to health, hygiene, and nutrition tips and exclusive deals with Reckitt’s most-anticipated Super Brand Day of the year
Shoppers can look forward to health, hygiene, and nutrition tips and exclusive deals with Reckitt’s most-anticipated Super Brand Day of the year

As part of Reckitt’s Super Brand Day campaign, shoppers can access Reckitt’s wide portfolio of family care essentials, while enjoying the best value deals on Shopee Mall.

For decades, parents have been taught that fostering academic intelligence would guarantee their child’s best start to life, focusing less on developing their child’s confidence, creativity and independence. When it comes to children’s nutrition, Reckitt puts parents’ worries to rest with Enfagrow MindPro A+ by completing the missing half. Enfagrow MindPro A+ is not only proven to assist in the healthy development of a child’s IQ, but can aid in advancing EQ, an often overlooked aspect of a child’s development. Enfagrow Pro A+ is the only one with breakthrough MFGM and the highest levels of DHA that provides children not just IQ but also EQ development, supporting your children’s complete development. 

Reckitt’s range of products goes one step further to complete #TheMissingHalf for the entire family with their Health and Hygiene portfolio that consists of Dettol and Vanish. As countries start to ease restrictions, hygiene moves from a defensive chore to a habitual act of protection. While families seek to bond with their communities, parents still want complete protection for their kids so that they maximize their potential. For example, not only does Dettol Onzen Body Wash offer the best protection against germs, but it also keeps the skin fresh, soft and moisturised. When it comes to family cleanliness, Vanish helps to remove stains easily, while being colour-safe on all clothes.

Muksitul Islam, ASEAN eCommerce Director at Reckitt, said, "Reckitt is proud to partner with Shopee in the regional Super Brand Day to connect ASEAN consumers to our beloved & trusted brands like Enfagrow A+, Dettol & Vanish. Through Shopee’s impressive engagement tools, our consumers can not only look forward to choices tailored to their needs but also an enjoyable shopping experience from our diverse Nutrition, Health & Hygiene portfolio. We wish our consumers a wonderful Super Brand Day experience."

Pavan Challa, Director, Regional Brand Partnerships, Shopee added, "Consumers are shopping more frequently online for household and healthcare needs. We are glad to partner with Reckitt to provide parents and families with a wide variety of trusted brands that gives them the assurance they need when it comes to enhancing family health and nutrition. We will continue partnering with brands to offer shoppers access to greater convenience, variety and value all-year-round through Shopee Mall."

On 19 May, Reckitt will complete #TheMissingHalf with exclusive deals from Enfagrow, Dettol and Vanish on Shopee Mall, providing shoppers with the best value and deals including:

  • Educational tips, coins and product giveaways on Shopee Live
  • Up to 4.5 Million Coins Cashback Up for Grabs
  • Exclusive Buy 1 Free 1 Deals
  • Exclusive Bundles: Reckitt is offering special vouchers up to RM200 off, gifts with purchase & specially curated bundle sets including
    • Enfagrow A+ MindPro IQ+ EQ bundle. Gift with Purchase – Bundle saving with free kid’s puzzle race track and Free Step 3 1.16kg Milk Powder
    • Complete Dettol Protection Kit – Antiseptic germicide, laundry sanitiser, shower gel, hand sanitisers that kills 99.9% germs & virus to protect their home
    • Complete Reckitt Household Cleaning kit – Best of Reckitt brands including Air Wick, Harpic and Vanish for a one stop shop on all cleaning & household items
  • SPEND, SPIN & WIN: Win a Toshiba dishwasher, Samsung Tablet, & Shopee Coins
  • Free Shipping Deals

Find out more about Reckitt’s Complete #TheMissingHalf campaign at https://shopee.com.my/reckitt-super-brand-day

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