What is Facebook Timeline?

Facts on What is Facebook Timeline

What is FB Timeline

Social media has taken the world by storm, well of course that has been the case since the first social media website appeared. Countries all over the world have had their own share of social media users. Today however, the popularity of social media is monopolized by one brand and that is Facebook. Statistics from different agencies like comScore would show that the king of social media is no other than Facebook. It is because of this popularity that sometimes people become addicted to using Facebook. Many are now well versed to using Facebook rather than using a simple Document application however millions of Facebook will have to undergo another learning curve once Facebook Timeline is fully implemented.

What is Facebook Timeline?

Ever since Facebook announced that they will change the popular Facebook interface to Facebook Timeline many users have been asking, What is Facebook Timeline? In the perspective of Facebook, their Timeline definition is that it is a platform or interface where your posts and status updates regarding your stories, experiences and even your photos and videos will be aggregated to tell your life story. A pretty ambitious goal in my opinion considering the fact that honesty is not the main requirement in posting via Facebook, but then again its a service which you can use to your advantage.

What are the Things You Can Do in Facebook Timeline?

The things that you can do with Facebook timeline is not too different from what you can already do with the current Facebook interface, the following however are the new things that you can implement in you profile once you use timeline.

1. Adding a Cover Phot0 – the cover photo is public in nature therefore when people try to view your profile your cover photo will always appear. ┬áThe cover photo is aimed to be a unique representation of you, it is the largest photo in your profile shown at the top of your timeline. Facebook hopes that the timeline cover photo will be to prevent duplicate accounts among other spam activities on someone’s profile.

2. Timeline Dates – Timeline allows you to go back to the past by categorizing your posts according to the date they were posted, you can scroll through your posts in the different years since you started using Facebook. You can also hide stories or posts which you think are not supposed to be made public.

3. Activity Log – your facebook activities will be logged, like your posts and the photos where you were tagged in as well as the connections you have made like your added friends or families.

4. Highlight Stories – from the list of different posts in your timeline you can highlight your a story which you think is worth remembering.

Is Facebook Timeline Optional?

As of now Facebook timeline is still optional, Facebook have not given a definite date on when timeline is going to be rolled out for all its “close to a billion” users. My advice though is that if indeed Facebook timeline is inevitable then you might as well activate your timeline now and learn the ropes early and be an expert in using it before everybody does, saves you the learning curve time.

Conclusion on What is Facebook Timeline

In my opinion Facebook Timeline is a social media interface where you can record your life’s history, its similar to writing your autobiography provided of course that you stick to the facts, its an online book of your life complete with photos and videos. As long as the privacy of the user is not compromised then Facebook timeline may be a good life project.

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