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The New iPad

Ok so i was looking for something to add to my arsenal of online weapons, so i started to look for an iPad online and to my surprise i saw two different new iPad or popularly known as the iPad 3 version with different price tags. It got me confused on how they priced the iPad and how far their price difference is. After taking a second look i realized that the new iPad, similar to iPad 2 has two types.

Silly me, i did not see the different immediately. Well even techie people when placed in an internet-less location might miss a thing or two besides technology nowadays are fast changing, what may be new today may already belong to a museum tomorrow. Anyway for those, like me, who might have missed out on the types of iPad this information is for you.

The Different Types of iPad

The different iPad versions or types are separated based on two criteria, one is internet connection and the other is storage capacity.

Of course we are all aware of Apple’s scheme of selling their products, not only of iPads,by giving different price tags on different storage capacities. Apple have divided the price tags based on the following storage capacity: 16GB, 32 GB and 64GB. The higher the storage capacity is the higher the price tag.

Another criteria for the difference in price range is through its type of internet connectivity capability. We can recall that apple released two versions if iPad 2 based on internet connectivity, one is the wi-fi only version and the other is the wi-fi + 3G version. For the new iPad or the iPad 3 there are also two versions based on internet connectivity, the wi-fi only version and the wi-fi + 4G LTE version.

Of course we are familiar with the Wi-Fi version for the new iPad, the latest in internet connectivity is actually the 4G LTE version or the Long Term Evolution version. This is considered to be the fastest mobile internet connectivity version to date, in the Philippines however, this may not be fully utilized until such time that all ISP would be able to support LTE networks. For the US however several carriers such as AT&T and Verizon readily supports the LTE version of the new iPad.


So there you have it, if you are like me, looking around for an iPad to purchase and have encountered the types if iPad, i hope that this post have answered your question or have dispelled the cloud of confusion surrounding your thoughts as brought about by the different types of iPad.


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