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I first learned about the Samsung Galaxy S3 from the different announcements done by Samsung through their website and different blog sites. I am actually searching for a new Smartphone that could match the capability of the iPhone 4s. You see, ever since i bought an iPhone i was not able to use it fully since my wife downloaded educational applications for my daughter, now my daughter is using our iPhone at age 3. Thus the search for a new Smartphone, scouring the internet i saw the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is dubbed as the best competitor to Apple’s iPhone 4s.

The Best Competitor to iPhone Yet

Being an Apple person i got curios on why the Samsung Galaxy S3 is considered as the challenger for iPhone, here are the specifications:

Network: 2G – 4G Network Capability

Dimensions: 130.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm weighing about 133 grams

Display size: 4.8 inches

Memory: MicroSD expandable up to 64GB

Camera: 8megapixels with autofocus and LED Flash

Primary Camera Video Capability: 1080 at 30fps

Secondary Camera Video Capability: 1.9 megapixels 720p at 30fps

Processor: 1.4 Ghz Quad-core Cortex A9

Operating System (OS): Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

Photo credits: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i9300_galaxy_s_iii-pictures-4238.php

 Galaxy S3 Special Features

Samsung was able to come up with several features that makes the Galaxy S3 unique between and among its competitors and other versions respectively. These special features are:

1. Smart Stay – ever encountered that annoying sleep mode even if you are still looking at your smartphone? You might have set your phones’ sleep time to activate after 1 minute and while watching a video that lasts 3 minutes your phone goes to sleep mode, annoying right? For Samsungs’ Galaxy S3 the Smart Stay will keep the smartphone from going to sleep mode as long as you are looking at the phone. Eye sensor anyone?

2. Direct Call Feature – with the Samsung Galaxy S3 calling your friend is as easy as lifting the phone near your ear as if you are making a call, literally.

3. Smart Alert – sometimes you are away from your phone and may not immediately notice new messages or missed calls, Samsung Galaxy S3 will vibrate to alert you of any missed calls or messages.

4. Social Tag – many are already going online through social media networks, by simply browsing the photo of your friends through the Galaxy S3 you will be able to see the your friends’ current status.

5. S Voice – the Galaxy S3 responds to voice command, although i have yet to see how it accurately recognize the different commands, one thing i can say is that this feature is no Siri though.

Photocredits: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/9291279/Samsung-Galaxy-S3-Androids-new-flagship.html

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S3 Official Commercial here:

Powerful Smart Phone Must be Connected to A Powerful Network

SMART Communications, the leading wireless service provider in the Philippines has announced that they will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 for free with their Unli Data Plan 2000. Offering the Galaxy S3 for free with the Unli Data Plan 2000 is proof that SMART Communications have been bringing the best Android Smartphones in the Philippines. Recently SMART Communications have started to install their 4G capability or LTE Networks one such installation was launched in Baguio City.

The Significance of SMART’s 4G Network with Samsung Galaxy S3

With SMART’s LTE Network it makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 to function in its full capacity, imagine having a powerful phone capable of high speed internet through the 4G network but you are connected to a network that offers no such capability or maybe such network is not reliable thus you will not be enjoying the full potential of the Galaxy S3. According to SMART Broadband Internet and Data Services Head Lloyd Manaloto 

“This powerful new smartphone works best with coupled with the most powerful mobile phone

network in the Philippines,”

Not Just Capability but Also Reliabilty

Of course you need a network that does not only offer high speed network but also a reliable network, during the recent launch of SMART’s LTE network in North Luzon i was lucky to see how SMART’s LTE network is going to be reliable through the installation of different network loops in the entire Philippines, where each loop is interconnected and but can function individually, the benefit of such is that network reliability is increased as the wireless service is not hampered even if one loop is down, just imagine a start topology network set up in every area in the Philippines but such networks are interconnected where each can function either individually or collectively. Hmmm How do i humanize this…its like having a backup network if in case the local network would be down…whew..

In Conclusion

To Wrap it all up here are the salient points:

1. Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched and was dubbed as the best challenger for the iPhone yet.

2. The power of Samsung Galaxy S3 should be matched with a Powerful network connection as what is being provided by SMART Communications.

3. In choosing your network connection do not rely only on capabilities but also on reliability you do not want your network services to falter during the times you need it most.

4. As of now SMART is accepting online pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy S3, for a monthly payment of 2000 pesos you will also get the most powerful network service.

Pre-Order your Samsung Galaxy S3 from SMART


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