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I have found Google Maps as one of the essential ingredient for my blog regarding Baguio City. This is because it is through Google Maps that i could embed a map that would give directions for my blog visitors on how to reach a certain tourist destination, hotel, restaurant and what not. In the course of my use of the Google maps feature i realized that there are still some parts in my City that were not indicated in Google maps, you could say that the map is not yet updated. In order to solve this problem and in order to increase the accuracy of Google Maps Philippines, mapmakers and GDG Philippines have organized the Google Map Maker Summits held in different key locations in the Philippines. Now to implement the Map Maker Summits goals GDG Philippines have also organized the map your town competition.

Why Join the Map Your Town Competition?

Well aside from receiving prizes for yourself ( one of ten netbooks to be given) you might also become the mapper with the most number of contributions where you will win 100,000 pesos which will be given to the public school in your hometown. Aside of course from the fact that you will be able to give proper directions and create an accurate map for your town which could be used by anyone who would like to visit your town.

Why Map Your Town? Watch the Video

The Goal of the Map Your Town Competition

The gist of the objectives of this competition is as stated in the GTUG website:

We have a very ambitious plan to have MapUps in 80 cities across the Philippines and would like to dedicate this activity for Philippine Tourism. Focus will be given on:

  • Tourist spots
  • Airports/Ports/Bus Terminals
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Police Stations
  • Malls / Business Establishments
  • Pasalubong Stores
  • Barangay / City Halls

How to Join the Map Your Town Competition

Here are the mechanics:

  1. Interested individuals must register at Map Your Town Competition.
  2. This contest is only open to individuals based in the Philippines.
  3. The Map Your Town competition shall start on May 16, 2012 and end 2 months later on July 15, 2012. Only approved edits during this timeframe shall be considered eligible.
  4. MapMaker Advocates and Regional Expert Reviewers are disqualified from the individual contest.
  5. The top 10 mappers in the Philippines will be awarded with netbooks.
  6. For the mapper with the most number of contributions in the PhilippinesPhP100,000 will be donated to a public school in his/her hometown.

What are you waiting for? I tell you using Google map maker is very easy, there are lots of tutorials available online. Join now and i’m sure you will have lots of fun not to mention the fact that you will be able help your country if not your own town. I sure am eager to map my beloved Baguio City.


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