WESMYLE Launches UTC Pro Capsule-Shape Portable Sonic Electric Toothbrush on Kickstarter

Featuring a Capsule-shape design Electric Toothbrush with Built-In UVC-LED Sterilizer for a 100% Bacteria-Free Toothbrush

HONG KONG, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UTC Pro, a professional-grade 100% bacteria-proof and rust-proof electric toothbrush that can be seamlessly operated from one single button, has been launched today on Kickstarter, at <https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1271636145/utc-pro-the-full-function-true-portable-electric-toothbrush?ref=4seqda>. A set of innovative features and functionalities is expected to draw the attention of backers looking for the ultimate solution in oral hygiene.

UTC Pro resembles a lipstick. The brush is covered by a multifunctional protective cover with a lid that closes it and leaves it ready to store or carry anywhere. "If fits into any pocket, so it’s extremely compact," said Kevin of the UTC Pro campaign. Resembling a lipstick capsule that divides into two parts, it’s as easy to open as it is to close. The base handle magnetic aligns with the lid, so closing it is an effortless process.

The device’s protective cover has multiple functions. The bristles are kept protected and intact when the lid is closed, it’s easy to keep closed due to the magnetic alignment with the device’s body, and, when closed, a UVC-LED sterilization process automatically starts and lasts exactly 60 seconds, leaving the brush free from bacteria and viruses. When closed, its air flow channel design also means that there’s ventilation to keep the brush dry, fresh, and again free from bacteria. When opened, the device automatically lights up to indicate the battery level, and the lid can be attached to handle to work as a convenient extension of it.

UTC Pro has an all-in-one button that allows you to fully control every function of the toothbrush, making it easy to switch between five brushing modes. Differently colored lights activate in the LED button displaying also the brushing countdown to know when the user should stop brushing, the power ON and OFF modes, and the countdown to know when the UVC-LED has completed the disinfection.

Another innovative aspect of UTC Pro is the fact that it introduces brush head using copper-free bristle technology that essentially removes any metal away from the actual brush—which prevents metal rust stains from being formed and bacteria from growing. By having no copper on the bottom of the brush head has no copper, this technology puts the conventional metal flocking process in the past, as well as the typical oral health issues caused by the presence of rust.

UTC Pro uses extra resistant FDA-approved DuPont bristles that are optimized for electric toothbrushes. In a nutshell, this stands for unparalleled quality and durability. It is a powerful yet extra quiet device that fully charges in only one hour, and that works for up to 25 days until the next charge is required

The UTC Pro Electric Toothbrush campaign on Kickstarter at <https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1271636145/utc-pro-the-full-function-true-portable-electric-toothbrush?ref=4seqda> is seeking to raise $3,000 to fund the large-scale production of the brush. Backers who support the campaign gain early and discounted access to the device.

About the Company

WESMYLE focuses on innovative design and development of personal care products—especially in the field of oral care products. We intend to revolutionize this universe by matching outstanding design with convenience and advanced functionalities and a great user experience.

For more information, please visit <campaign link> or contact Kevin, on [email protected].



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