WEMADE’s Mainnet to Launch in Two Days: How to Migrate WEMIX Tokens to WEMIX Coins

–   Upcoming WEMIX 3.0 launch will commence the issuance of WEMIX coin and the new WEMIX Wallet service
–   Three ways of migrating WEMIX tokens (WEMIX Classic) to WEMIX coins

SINGAPORE, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Prior to launching its blockchain mainnet WEMIX 3.0, WEMADE led by CEO Henry Chang provided instructions on converting WEMIX tokens into WEMIX Coins.

WEMIX Coins will be newly issued following the release of the mainnet WEMIX 3.0 at midday on Thursday, October 20th. The existing WEMIX token will be provided as a separate service under WEMIX Classic.  

The existing WEMIX Wallet changed to PLAY Wallet and began its service on October 14th. The new WEMIX Wallet based on WEMIX 3.0 is also set to be offered. A variety of WEMIX 3.0 services to come including WEMIX.Fi and NILE can be accessed using the WEMIX Wallet.

There are three ways of converting WEMIX Classic into WEMIX Coin, which are through external exchanges, the Multichain service, and the PLAY Bridge service. First, for external exchanges on which WEMIX Classic is listed, the migration to WEMIX coin will be automatic. The schedule will be announced by each exchange separately.

Another way is to make the conversion directly by connecting WEMIX Wallet with a Multichain service that supports various blockchains. The details on using this service will be posted after the launch of the mainnet.

Lastly, the PLAY Bridge service can be used on PLAY Wallet (formerly WEMIX Wallet). Users can benefit from low transaction fees as WEMADE provides the service directly. The instructions are to be made available upon release of the service. For more details of this announcement, please check the official WEMIX medium and community.



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