‘Welcome to the Jungle’ makes it big with $8.4 million

Welcome to the Jungle is a French startup that is currently raising $8.4 million with the help of Kima Ventures and Bpifrance and also investors Michael Benabou and Jean-Paul Guisset. It uses a unique approach to recruitment by giving clients the tools and exposure to get reasonable number of applications.

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What they did was to first grow a profile of tech companies in Paris. And it was awesome because Welcome to the Jungle didn’t follow the tradition of using Excel Spreadsheet. Instead, they grouped a video crew, photographers and content creators to produce high quality material for your company profile.

Aside from that, Welcome to the Jungle produces quarterly magazines for universities and a thick paper magazine once every year.

Now that its growing, many companies are willing to pay to get their own page into the startup’s website. This was proven true by a thousand companies that already partnered with them. The website’s traffic even reaches 600,000 visits every month right now.

A milestone for recruitment

On the other hand, Welcome to the Jungle is building up another milestone called Welcome Kit. It is a software-as-a-service recruitment platform that they built to help companies have a better job page.

Welcome Kit has four types of offers you can choose from which includes the Welcome Pack, Sourcing, Branding and Analytics. It offers basic features for free and you can pay if you want to add other features or branding options.

It’s now easier to work on recruitment because the four offers gives you choices you can include on your job page. Overall, Welcome Kit will do three things. First, allow you to list available positions with specified recruitment objectives. Second, you can create application forms based on your needs. And lastly, identify the best candidates.

A step forward for Welcome to the Jungle

With their current funding round, Welcome to the Jungle wants to expand to another country. And they could be pointing to Spain to begin with. However, this will surely take time since they’d need to create a group of content creators in each country.


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