Voices: High Demand From Asia For Sonic Branding–Asian Countries Reach International Audiences Through Voice

LONDON, ON, May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The world’s leading voice-over provider Voices reports a sharp increase in demand for voice over and sonic branding services coming from Asia.

Voices: High Demand From Asia For Sonic Branding
Voices: High Demand From Asia For Sonic Branding

Remote audio production and voice recording are key elements for ushering in the digital audio revolution, where voice branding is the main asset to distinguish brands and products.

Voices is empowering the creation of digital audio content at scale for global audiences. The marketplace has been making inroads into Asia, responding to a massive demand for voice branded content to distribute products and services globally.

Since 2019, the biggest growth in jobs on the platform of Voices came from China with 71% year-over-year growth, and the category with the most growth is voice overs for video games, growing at 63%.

The Republic of Korea exceeds the demand in this job category with a 68% growth rate, and an overall rising activity of 62%.

Singapore is the second most active Asian country in sonic branding, with a 68% growth in voice-over activities, mostly used for educational content and educational technology (79% growth) and the creation of internet videos (69% growth).

In the category of internet videos, Japan increased its activities in voice-over production by 90%.

High demand is also coming from the markets of Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia, with Malaysia’s highest demand for voice-over services occurring in the business category, which includes voice technology solutions, with 67% growth.

The branded, spoken word will be an incredible tool to differentiate brands in a remote, technology-driven world that is filled with touchless customer journeys in 2021, Voices’ market researchers predict.

"Asian companies looking to expand globally are leveraging voice, and specifically sonic branding, in their go-to-market plans. Translating a promotional video from Japanese or Mandarin is a proven way to increase awareness of a new product or service offering in countries around the world," says David Ciccarelli, founder and Chief Executive Officer at Voices. "We expect a rapid growth in voice demand for consumer electronics, automotive, and healthcare, with an influx of voice-augmented technologies from Asia throughout 2021."

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