VisionNav showcases unmanned truck loading & unloading solution at the SFAW 2022

SEOUL, South Korea, April 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VisionNav showcases its innovative logistics solution at SFAW 2022 show (Smart Factory & Factory Automation Exhibition), the leading factory automation exhibition in Asia, from Apr. 6th-8th, held in Coex Center, Seoul. This exhibition begins the global tour show of this innovative solution.

"Korea has plenty of automation line, and a high coverage of robots, especially in intralogistics." Said Vivian, the sales director of Korea. As the beginning and end of the intralogistics, truck operation at the dock is considered as the most time-consuming part which demands higher efficiency. "2 key factors make truck loading and unloading automation complex and difficult: 1. Trucks vary in types and specifications, like flat truck, gull-wing container truck and cargo container truck, the width of containers draw a large scare from 4m (13′) to 14m (48′); 2. Materials in different shapes loaded in various carriers, especially super-long board, or none-carrier goods".

Based on the leading robot perception, control, positioning, and scheduling technology, VisionNav autonomous forklifts get complete functions in environmental perception, precise control, and safe operation. This solution makes it possible to unmanned the whole process of intralogistics. Meanwhile, by intergrading the Bright-Eye system, VisionNav unmanned truck loading & unloading solution has high performance and is widely used in various industries. "As a peripheral auxiliary system for unmanned truck loading & unloading solution, Bright-Eye system attracted much attention by the unique ability of cargo inventory, storage management, and safety warning", Said Vivian.

According to Vivian, VisionNav has developed a localized engineer team mainly responsible for project delivery, and established partnerships with excellent local service providers. With the setup of the Korea branch, VisionNav accelerates its global and localization speed.

Founded in 2016, VIsionNav® is committed to providing AGVs/AMRs and Automation Solutions for intralogistics. At present, VisionNav has developed 9 series of products including auto forklifts and tractors for various scenarios. Meanwhile, VisionNav has made significant breakthroughs such as achieving up to 9.4m(30ft) material storage, up to 2m(6.5ft) narrow aisles transmitting, automated truck loading and unloading, and multi-layer materials stacking. VisionNav Sold 1500+ products globally implemented 350+ projects and reached cooperation with 50+ Fortune 500 companies.

Vivian Han 
Head of Sales in South Korea
[email protected] 


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