Viomi Unveils 2022 Overseas Strategic New Product Lineup

Guangzhou, China, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Viomi Technology Co., Ltd (“Viomi” or the “Company”), a leading IoT @ Home technology company in China, today announced its 2022 strategic new product launch plan for overseas market, reinforcing its mission to create next-level one-stop IoT home solutions.

“Viomi aims to provide one-stop, holistic IoT home solutions, enabling our IoT appliances to be connected and controlled via phones and voice assistants,” said Mr. Xiaoping Chen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Viomi. “We are beyond thrilled to offer a comprehensive IoT home experience for our overseas users as we further solidify our growing overseas footprint.”

To enhance the users’ lives with active intelligence and a healthy, safe home environment, the Company unveiled plans for overseas release of numerous new and exciting smart appliances, including:

  • Alpha 2 Pro, a newly-introduced revolutionary anti-collision cleaning master, is Viomi’s first robot vacuum with four-line laser lidars for more effective detection and range. The vacuum is both Alexa and Google Home voice-enabled;
  • Master 2 Pro, an ultra-thin (470mm) washer-dryer, can be fully controlled via the Mi Home app. It even comes with automatic detergent dispensing, making laundry more convenient than ever;
  • Blues Pro, a cutting-edge 1200G high-volume smart water purifier, features double RO filters that last longer and lower costs. The mobile phone app also provides pop-up messages with operating status information and reminds users when to replace the filters;
  • 21Face, Viomi’s flagship large-screen refrigerator, boasts an embedded interface, which allows users to access recipes, shopping apps and entertainment content.

In addition, Viomi added a series of next-generation AI-enabled smart kitchen appliances to its overseas lineup, including smart dish washer and smart steam oven, which features a companion app that provides a broad collection of continually updated online recipes. Further, Viomi expanded its IoT @ home portfolio to air care solutions with its smart air purifiers, smart heaters, and smart circulation fans.

All of these Viomi’s innovative IoT products are able to work with the Mi Home app, and some are also Alexa and Google Home voice-enabled (depending on the model, see detailed information on Viomi’s website), ensuring a seamless experience for overseas users.

About Viomi Technology

Viomi has developed a unique IoT @ Home platform consisting of an ecosystem of innovative IoT-enabled smart home products, together with a suite of complementary consumable products and value-added businesses, prevalent in over 60 countries/regions.

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