Vantrue X4S: 4K wifi dash cam launched

Shenzhen, China, Dec. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Following last year’s launch of the Vantrue X4, X4S have just joined Vantrue 4k dash cam lineup in December, 2021. In order to make X4S back to the market, Vantrue has a special discount for rideshare drivers.

The return of the king Vantrue X4S World Debut
The return of the king Vantrue X4S World Debut

The X4 has been discontinued for one year. X4 won great feedback on the market since its released because of its 4K resolution. So with the strong expectations of car owners in Europe and America, Vantrue launched the 4K wifi dash cam X4S on the basis of X4.

The X4S is similar to the X4 but with an optional special rear camera instead of the regular rear camera. The built-in DSP on both front and rear camera made X4S more accurate in 24-hour parking mode. With Wi-Fi function, you can check the driving status in real time and play back the video through your mobile phone.

Currently, Vantrue X4S has been listed on Amazon in those countries and platform.

Amazon US

Amazon DE

Amazon JP

Amazon UK

Meanwhile you can also visit the official website to check more details and make a purchase.

Advocating global energy conservation and emission reduction, promoting low-carbon public utilities, encouraging citizens to go with rideshare, Vantrue provides an exclusive discount code and an extended warranty for rideshare drivers who want to install a Vantrue dash cam on their cars to avoid some troubles and protect themselves. It is really easy to get the exclusive code as long as they show Vantrue a screenshot of their profile on any rideshare app (Uber/Lyft/Didi .etc)

You can check more details regarding this activity on Vantrue website ( If you are also a rideshare advocate, you can send an email for exclusive discount via [email protected]

With the advancement of technology, high-tech automobile industry chain like new energy vehicles, self-driving car, flying cars, etc. turned out. Vantrue will continue to work hard and continuously improve the quality of dash cam and launch more practical and new automotive related products.


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