Vanpowers Bike Introduces New eMTB Model Manidae and Expands E-Bike Product Line

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the wake of their success following the release of the City Vanture, the first assembled-frame e-bike designed for urban commuters, Vanpowers Bike is introducing an all-new fat tire electric mountain bike. This new model, the Manidae, is a high-performance all-rounder with a sturdy construction to take on most terrain imaginable. Bicycling enthusiasts can look forward to an entirely unique model that expands VPB’s range to include unpredictable mountain trails and, by extension, a new audience of riders.

Vanpowers Bike new model Manidae: 750W 48V 650Wh off-road eMTB with good handling for a mountain journey
Vanpowers Bike new model Manidae: 750W 48V 650Wh off-road eMTB with good handling for a mountain journey

Manidae is supported by a strong aluminum alloy frame, and maintains the sleek look provided by internal cabling. This model also comes with an integrated battery that can be removed for charging or disassembly. Mechanical disc brakes with 203 mm rotors and a rust-resistant 8-speed chain contribute to the Manidae’s overall reliability, safety, and ease of use.

Riders can enjoy the raw power of the Manidae‘s 750W BAFANG® brushless hub motor with 85 N·m of torque in a variety of different ways, as this eMTB is equipped with not only 5 levels of pedal assist, but also a thumb throttle for full e-bike capabilities with no pedaling required. With a maximum assist speed of 28 mph, the 70-mile range of the 48V 14Ah/650Wh LG cell lithium-ion battery allows riders to travel greater distances in less time, and can be locked with a key. Vanpowers Bike is also outfitting this e-bike with 26” × 4.0” puncture-resistant fat tires from Kenda® to further prepare it for the challenges of mountain biking.

As well as being made to be durable, the Manidae is constructed in a way that accounts for the comfort of mountain bikers who traverse rougher roads, as it sports a hydraulic suspension fork with 95 mm of travel, thereby reducing the vibrational impact of severe bumps on the rider when going over uneven ground. Additional support comes from a Selle Royal® saddle. A Shimano® 8-speed drivetrain lets the rider change their gear ratio and adjust the difficulty of their pedaling as they please, customizing their challenge level to their own preferences. Meanwhile, they can view all their relevant ride information, such as battery level, ride distance, pedal assist level, and current speed, at a glance thanks to the Manidae’s highly sensitive LCD display. This new e-mountain bike also seeks to make it easy for riders to tow cargo by attaching a compact rear rack accessory that is completely tailored to the specifications of the Manidae.

With buzz about this new release growing louder throughout the company, Vanpowers Bike has expressed their intentions to continue using their enthusiasm for e-bikes to revolutionize the industry while also maintaining the level of professionalism and service that people have come to expect from them following the City Vanture campaign. They also invite people interested in test riding their electric bikes in person to look for partnered cycle shops near them via the Offline Stores page on the VPB website.

Vanpowers Bike is holding a back-to-school event on its website, which runs until September 30. Send an email to verify student status on the official website event page to enjoy a 100USD discount for City Vanture. City Vanture ships at the end of October.

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