USI Assists Customers in Launching Cloud Gateway to Make Cloud Services Both Efficient and Intelligent

SHANGHAI, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud Gateway allows data to shift freely between different "protocols" and helps the calculation and data transfer. Recently, USI has collaborated with customers in developing a cloud gateway that can send messages from fire alarm systems to public clouds and fire network management centers via wired networks (POTS, Plain Old Telephone Service, or Ethernet) or wireless networks (Wi-Fi or LTE).

The early stages of the fire are always the prime time to put it out or make decisions, the immediacy and completeness of alarm information are also critical once the fire event occurred. As IoT technologies and infrastructure are improving, fire alarm control panel (FACP) combined with cloud gateways allows platform service providers or security managers to stay on top of all fire detection devices directly via cell phones or computer screens, and instantly detect whether there is a failure or arrange an inspection to ensure that detection devices can operate normally and immediately send alerts to the relevant personnel through cloud-based services, so as to respond promptly to reduce damages and losses.

Architecture of Cloud-based Rapid Disaster Prevention System
Architecture of Cloud-based Rapid Disaster Prevention System

"In the era of IoT, where applications are diversified and information is fragmented, the main demand for system integrators or platform service providers is how to collect information effectively," said Justin Chang, Associate Director of Advanced Network Solutions department of Vertical Products Solutions Business Unit, USI. The cloud service architecture is to divide a system into several cloud service centers, in which the cloud gateway is indispensable. In short, through the feedback of terminal information, cloud platform service providers can offer customers an information integration service and collect the problem from it to provide better after-sales and more value-added services. It makes the cloud gateway an integrated information platform applied with different communication technologies rather than just hardware.

Through the power of data, how can a cloud platform provider or security service center ensure the immediacy and intelligence needed to build a safe, compliant, and more efficient disaster prevention system management? The cloud gateway is essential for the entire security architecture. Four main features come with the cloud gateway developed by USI: good signal conversion capability, efficient edge computing capability, the ability to provide remote system management, and support for cloud-based services. It also comes with the USI self-developed wireless module BM28, equipped with Wi-Fi 11a/b/g/n/ac 1×1 and BLE5.0. Meanwhile, the Telit LE910 LTE module is an alternative for networking. In addition, the operating system (OS) is developed via a completely open software framework, which also provides OS-level updates for security and virtualization programs, such as Docker or SNAP, and users can also use Androidâ„¢ and iOS® devices to set up and control gateway via Bluetooth.

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