UniMax CPD is Free of Blind Spots

TAIPEI, Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In-vehicle Child Safety to the Next Evolution. UniMax, a member of the ASUS Group, has announced the release of its "UniMax Wi-Fi CPD" product based on proprietary, patented Wi-Fi sensing technology. The highly accurate UniMax CPD offers full detection coverage with no blind spots. Its advanced technology overcomes traditional accuracy, privacy, and health concerns to offer car owners a new and safer option.

UniMax Wi-Fi CPD Mechanism
UniMax Wi-Fi CPD Mechanism

Vehicle CPDs Are the Future

Ford experiments showed that a car’s interior is like an oven and the temperature rises to 50°C within 19 minutes if the car is left out under the sun with the AC off and all windows/doors closed on a 35°C day. If a child is left in the vehicle, this may result in life-threatening heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Growing awareness on the importance of Child Presence Detection (CPD) has led to a flurry of related legislation in the US and EU.

UniMax developed an all-new patented Wi-Fi CPD technology targeted at weaknesses in existing child vehicle safety systems. The technology is integrated with the cloud system and mobile App notifications to remind drivers in real-time not to leave their children in the car.

Full Coverage and Protection of Privacy with Wi-Fi Detection

UniMax’s patented Wi-Fi CPD offers a number of significant advantages. Wi-Fi CPD creates a comprehensive network with no blind spots during the detection process. The detection angle and scope can also be adjusted to suit the customer and for more flexibility.

Conventional Cameras, IR or mmWave radar CPD detection technologies suffer from blind spots or privacy concerns. UniMax CPD’s Wi-Fi detection technology picks up life signs from the human body to be safe, accurate, and protect privacy.

Harmless to Human Health and Hot Spot Integration

There is no harm to human health as it uses radio waves as home Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi detection technology can also be integrated with the vehicle’s Wi-Fi hot spot to reduce the cost of introduction.

High Accuracy, Easy Installation, Strong Advantages

The proprietary algorithm developed by UniMax can accurately detect children even if they are covered by a thick blanket. It offers the many advantages of Wi-Fi detection and others that its peers have found hard to match. UniMax CPD can provide safe and accurate detection with just one device.

Web: https://www.unimax.com.tw/en/product_detail/76
Video: https://youtu.be/_wGwDC34glE

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