ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave Smart Lock now Works with Home Assistant

UNION CITY, Calif., Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the creator of the popular ULTRALOQ Z-Wave smart locks, U-tec, has announced to join the Works with Home Assistant program as a Z-Wave partner.

The world's first Z-Wave smart lock with fingerprint recognition
The world’s first Z-Wave smart lock with fingerprint recognition

ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave launched earlier this year, is the only Z-Wave smart lock in the industry that has a fingerprint recognition feature as well as integration with compatible Z-Wave wireless communication-enabled products.

What sets Z-Wave apart from other wireless communication technology like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is that it is more energy-efficient – using low-energy radio waves to help smart devices communicate quickly with each other – and has a larger operating range.

Smarter life

When connected with the Home Assistant system, the U-Bolt Z-Wave Series smart locks can interact with other Z-Wave-compatible products that support Home Assistant, even when users are miles away from home. (Z-Wave stick required). 

Remember the epic romantic scene with the dimly lit room, slow, soothing music in the background, a bottle of wine, and flowers on the bed? Yes! U-Bolt Pro will not bring users wine and flowers, but it will automatically activate the music, turn on the lights, or even set up a comfortable indoor temperature. The perfect mood for a romantic night with partners will start with the touch of the fingerprint sensor without any wiring.

As a partner, U-tec and Nabu Casa will be working together to ensure the best experience for connecting ULTRALOQ Z-Wave smart locks to Home Assistant. As a partner, U-tec and Nabu Casa will be working together to ensure the best experience for connecting ULTRALOQ Z-Wave smart locks to Home Assistant.

Game changers

"ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave’s unique approach and technology is a game changer for Z-Wave smart lock," said Clark Ruan, VP of U-tec. "As one of the nation’s leading smart locks, ULTRALOQ is founded on the idea of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The ULTRALOQ Lock aims to transform the traditional lock industry by allowing homeowners to offer innovation without having to compromise on their home experience."

"ULTRALOQ smart locks use Z-Wave, an open standard that operates locally. This allows Home Assistant users to control ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave locally and securely, even if there is no internet service. When a user unlocks the lock, Home Assistant is instantly notified, allowing users to trigger automations," said Paulus Schoutsen, founder of Home Assistant.

More about U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave

U-Bolt Pro Z-wave boasts the user-friendly and secure keyless entry that ULTRALOQ is known for. Thus, users will benefit from carrying the 6-in-1 keyless entry from U-Bolt Pro Series— fingerprint ID, Apple Watch, auto-unlock, number codes, and mechanical key unlocking available too.

Finger is your key: 360° Live Fingerprint ID of U-Bolt Series powered by AI self-learning fingerprint algorithm, which improves over time.

Auto Lock & Unlock: Hands Full? It Unlocks When users approach the door and also auto-lock when the door is closed.

Total Control From smartphones: Manage access of every person and the status of every door’s deadbolts with the App.  Lock and unlock the deadbolt from smartphone and Apple Watches.

Share Access to Guests: Grant visitors temporary codes or Ekeys for scheduled access. It works with or without phone. Real-time activity logs make it easier to know who has the access to user’s home and how.

The U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave is priced at $249.99 and is available now in your choice of black finishes. Don’t care about the fingerprint sensor? You can ditch that too, bringing the price all the way down to $179.

About U-tec

Located in Silicon Valley, U-tec invents and manufactures ULTRALOQ Whole-Home smart lock system that delivers an exceptional access experience for ultimate flexibility, security and convenience. U-tec is setting new standard for smart home security with its best-in-class design and advanced technologies. Every day, U-tec helps keep more than 1 million North American customers and their assets safe.


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