Twitter: Faster Way to Create Tweet Threads

Twitter: Faster Way to Create Tweet Threads

Twitter announced on their tweet just this February 20, 2020 that a new feature that would make their users’ tweeting experience even better. Before scrolling down to see their recent tweet, know that it isn’t the “Edit Button” many Twitter users have long been waiting for. It has nothing to do with editing what you’ve already tweeted, rather, it even adds to what you’ve already tweeted. 

What’s new with Twitter?

Suddenly have a thought and you’d love to tweet it right away so it won’t slip your mind, but you would want to tweet it as a reply to an old tweet you made about weeks ago? Well, this kind of scenario is what the new update is all about. With the latest update Twitter has announced through their tweet (of course), you will be able to easily reply to your own previous tweets!

Twitter’s Tweet about the New Feature

Faster way to thread your new tweets with the older ones

Here’s the step by step process based on the GIF Twitter has tweeted.

  • Compose your Tweet.
  • Pull down to see older tweets.
  • Tap the “continue thread” button if the tweet that showed up when you pulled down is the exact tweet which you would like to reply onto.
  • Tap the ellipsis (the three dots) button beside the “continue thread” instead if you would like to reply to your even older tweet.
  • Select the tweed you’d like to add to.
  • Now your tweets are connected!

What do you think about this feature?

Do you think this new feature could make a big difference on the way you use your Twitter? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comment section below. 

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