Nearly 600 Apps Removed from the Play Store by Google

Through the help of newly developed technologies, Google announced yesterday that nearly 600 Apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. These apps are also banned from Google’s Ad Monetization Platforms, Google AdMob, and Google Ad Manager.

Policies Violated by the Apps

These are the two policies of Google Play Store violated by the apps.

Disruptive Ads Policy

Disallowed Interstitial Policy

Google’s New Approach Against Malicious Developer 

Google mentioned in their announcement that they have recently developed an innovative machine-learning based approach that can detect when apps show out-of-context ads. The company also added that they will continue to invest in new technologies to detect and prevent emerging threats that can generate invalid traffic, including disruptive ads, and to find more ways to adapt and evolve their platform and ecosystem policies to ensure that users and advertisers are protected from bad behavior. 

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