Google gives users more control over their location data

Google Play is creating some policy changes that will affect how developers access the location data of individual users.

Location Data: Android 10 VS. Android 11

In Android 10, users were given more control over their location data with the option to only grant access when an app is in use. But with Android 11, you can now grant an app with only a temporary one-time permission to your location. Meaning, when you select this option, it will only allow the app to access your location until you stop using it. Hence, the app will need to request for your permission for the next access.

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More changes to app access on Location Data

After reviewing background location usage, Google has found out that there are many apps requesting for background location without actually needing it and believed that users should not be asked for a permission that the app doesn’t need. Just imagine being tracked by apps on your phone without you knowing about it.

For this reason, GooglePlay will be making changes in its policy regarding getting approval for accessing location data in the background.

Review Process for apps to take effect on August

All new apps, including those made by Google, that request for access to background location will be subject to approval by August.

By November this year, all existing apps that also request for such access will need approval. Otherwise, they will be removed from Google Play.

Note: Google Play’s policy rollout schedule is subject to change.


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