Tuya Smart and Gartner Released the”2021 Global AIoT Developers Ecosystem White Paper”

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On December 29, 2020, Tuya Smart and Gartner jointly released the "2021 Global AIoT Developer Ecosystem White Paper" with the witness and presence of Eva Na, CMO of Tuya Smart and Guo Lei, China Vice President of Gartner.

Combined with industry experts’ insights and in-depth interviews, this white paper represents 35 international enterprises across 15 industries, explores the intelligent transformation and upgrading experience of leading brands in different industries, from macro to micro, from theory to practice, and analyzes the AIoT industry in four areas: current situation, practices, challenges and prospects. It highlights the benefits of a clear development path for AIoT developers in the future.

15 Industries, 35 Developer Case Studies
15 Industries, 35 Developer Case Studies

"The interconnection era come from the hard work from global developers from various vertical together, and they are undoubtedly the key driving force for the growth of the industry. And we believe the topic of facilitating the work for developers will be an increasingly popular one to the next year. By jointly releasing the white paper, Tuya expresses our thanks and respects to the global developers", said Eva Na, CMO of Tuya Smart during the launching ceremony.

The white paper brings out insights and forecasts in the industry, and believing it became the year of AIoT industry to face the opportunity and challenges, with the spread of the open ecosystem to attract more developers to join the stage.

  1. The global AIoT industry is rapidly expanding, with China leading the way
  2. The platform, application and service layer dominate the AIoT value chain
  3. The global IoT PaaS market had a full-scale surge, with 118% growth in 5 years
  4. Smart Community, together with Smart Hotel, Smart long and short-term renting Apartment, and Smart Office Building, are crucial to the IoT PaaS market

There are two major challenges for the AIoT industry: platform security and lack of industry standards: While the Internet of Things platform brings connectivity and convenience to consumers’ life, it can also bring concern for data security and privacy. In addition, the Internet of Things is facing is the confusion and disunity of industry standards.

The Internet of Things industry needs to develop integrated standards for security, testing, connectivity and operations. Solving the security problem relies on the joint efforts of both enterprises and governments, including constructing the security management system of the Internet of Things.

The last topic of the white paper covers the six prospects for the AIoT Industry in 2021, by putting forward key perspectives like: developers will play a major role in AIoT evolution, AIoT open platform will be the industry`s main driving force, convergence of cutting-edge technologies and the Internet of Things, widespread adoption of the ToB Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and new infrastructure will accelerate the development of the AIoT industry.

Overall, the AIoT industry will continue its rapid growth in 2021, evolving from stand-alone smart devices to an entire connected ecosystem platform.

The white paper confirms that we are fully entrenched in the smart business age with the growth of intelligent processes, the utilization of big data, as well as dynamic new infrastructure concepts, but commercial applications still face challenges.

At the same time, the white paper points out that in 2021, the open platform trend of the AIoT industry will become more essential, and with more developers support to allow people to easily engage in connectivity and convenience in all aspects of daily life. 

Over the past year, many respected industry experts and leaders contributed to the "2021 Global AIoT Developer Ecosystem White Paper", from global 500 Schneider Electric, giant group Group Construlita to new star brand Anker, BARDI. The white paper’s analysis of the industry and insights into future trends will be a great resource to AIoT industry developers.

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