Tuya Demonstrated Solutions for Matter at the Media Conference For the Launch of Matter to Build an Open and Intelligent Ecosystem

NEW YORK, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT development platform service provider, was invited by the Connectivity Standards Alliance to participate in the Matter’s Global Media Conference in Amsterdam on November 3, Central European Time (CET) to showcase its advanced solutions that support Matter, including demos and its application progress that enable Matter devices.

Before the Conference, Tuya became one of the first few companies in the world that passed the Connectivity Standards Alliance Matter Product Certification. Tuya-enabled smart Wi-Fi sockets, smart Wi-Fi lights and smart wired gateway respectively passed the official laboratory tests conducted by TÜV Rheinland (Shanghai) and UL Solutions (Guangzhou).

As an early participant and promoter of Matter, Tuya provides an ecosystem to develop applications for Matter. Tuya’s platform has over 629,000 developers in more than 200 countries. Tuya’s customers are from various industries that provide rich global business scenarios for the promotion and implementation of the Matter standard. These scenarios and opportunities will further support the upgrade of Matter and enable a wider application of Matter in commercial scenes.

"Interoperability, simplicity, and choice are key to consumers’ ability to experience and enjoy smart and connected living and this is what Matter brings," said Tobin Richardson, President and CEO of the Connectivity Standards Alliance. "Tuya’s commitment, as a Board member and active Alliance participant, is critical to Matter’s success. Their adoption and integration of Matter will enable global customers to achieve commercial success and deliver enjoyable experiences for smart home consumers."

Tuya’s Solutions for Matter can provide comprehensive and diversified choices for customers to achieve more market advantages in the adoption of Matter.

Tuya’s solution that supports Matter can provide triple security protections for our customers. By integrating information security and compliance components into software development and management, Tuya’s solution can ensure a security level and quality of software and hardware products and services, providing customers’ Matter devices with stronger data security. The Tuya-enabled chip has passed the security certification of Platform Security Architecture (PSA).

Tuya’s solution that supports Matter can provide customers with Bridge Hub, Central Control, Smart Speaker Hub, and Multi-Protocol interaction, which helps customers realize the automatic interconnection between Matter devices and non-Matter devices within the local network.

Tuya can provide customers with full-service support, such as information management of Matter devices, OTA upgrading, network code distribution of Matter devices, and the DCL server establishment. Tuya also offers multiple low-code and zero-code solutions to help customers develop Matter devices faster.

Tuya’s Solutions for Matter will enable customers’ Matter devices to connect with Tuya IoT PaaS through the Tuya-enabled App to realize the remote control of devices, and further connect their Matter devices with smart devices from different mainstream ecosystems. This includes Amazon, Apple, and Google. This will bring customers a brand-new experience of smart scenes.

In addition, Tuya supply chain partners include Beken, Realtek, Silicon Labs and other chip manufacturers, as well as equipment customers, such as Arlec, Bardi, CALEX, Hama, Intcomex, LinkJapan, Positivo, Simon. Together, they will provide hardware and business scenarios for the implementation of Matter, laying a solid foundation for the development and promotion of Matter devices.

"Since its inception, Tuya has been committed to breaking the barriers down between different smart products’ brands and categories and creating a more open and neutral ecosystem for the global smart industry, which is fully in line with the original purpose of Matter. Up till now, Tuya has launched solutions for Matter and has won many customers’ hearts. In the future, Tuya will continue to work with its customers and partners across the globe to promote Matter in more scenarios and markets. We also believe that the era of connecting everything intelligently will come faster with our joint efforts," said Alex Yang, co-founder and COO of Tuya Smart.

As an early participant of Matter, Tuya officially launched the Tuya Matter Project 2.0 in October of this year. Tuya is expecting to receive the PAA Certificate (Product Attestation Authority) before the end of the year and to expand a variety of product categories that support Matter, such as sensors, home appliances, and switches. Tuya will also provide more functional options for Matter products development and will further integrate mainstream smart ecosystems’ solutions, such as Amazon’s Matter Simple Setup (MSS), enabling customers to offer consumers a smoother intelligent operation experience.

In the future, Tuya will continue to leverage its technical and ecosystem advantages to work with more brand manufacturers, chip manufacturers, and customers to promote the implementation of future release of the Matter standard, along with helping the global IoT market to become more open and prosperous.


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