TRX Labs’ Mutant Ape Kids Club to launch its largest NFT collection

SINGAPORE, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mutant Ape Kids Club, one of the most sought-after NFT projects this year under the TRX Labs brand, will be launching its M2 collection on Wednesday, 20th April 2022 3pm UTC.

The M2 collection consists of 5,010 NFTs with 310 traits – one of the highest trait counts within the NFT space – and 10 Legend NFTs which are significantly rare and possess unique traits and features

Rewarding the community 

Public sales of the MAKC-M2 collection will go for 0.10 ETH, but two exclusive groups will have access at a lower rate.

All MAKC-M1 holders will automatically be whitelisted for the M2 collection, along with 800 additional whitelist spots for non-holders to enjoy a reduced mint price of 0.06 ETH. To grab a spot, prospective holders must join MAKC’s Discord and be recognised as engaged users within the community.

The M2 collection takes lead from the success of MAKC’s past collections. In December 2021, its M1 collection (3,000 NFTs) sold out within 72 hours. The Mutant Buddies NFT collection also saw immense popularity, with all 3,333 NFTs in the collection only available via the secondary market. MAKC currently has almost 40,000 followers across its social media platforms.

1st line - The MAKC-M2 NFT Series; 2nd line - 3 of the 10 Exclusive Legends that will be part of the 5,010 MAKC-M2 Series.
1st line – The MAKC-M2 NFT Series; 2nd line – 3 of the 10 Exclusive Legends that will be part of the 5,010 MAKC-M2 Series.

Bigger community, better rewards

MAKC plans to create a shared ecosystem under the TRX Labs brand.

MAKC holders will enjoy the same benefits as their sister project ZMAX, as holders get invited to all Run For Your Life (RYFL) events held worldwide, and enjoy access to ZMAX’s move-to-earn game. TRX Labs is also developing its own tokenomics which will be base currency used amongst all projects under its purview, which they aim to be listed at major exchanges in near future.

About TRX Labs

TRX Labs is set to be Asia’s lead NFT launchpad. Cofounded by Arthur Lin, Rex Teo, Taka & SpaceChain. TRXLabs led in various fields such as IRL Management, NFT & Blockchain Expertise and Art/Branding Design. Connect with us via our website, Instagram, Twitter and Discord.

Media contact: [email protected]


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