Traxis Customs Offers Solution to e-Commerce Operators Post-Brexit

PARIS, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Global Logistics Network and Next Terra International, two companies specialising in international transport and e-commerce logistics, have joined together in creating a new subsidiary company – Traxis Customs, with the purpose of targeting e-commerce flows entering Europe, on the eve of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. 

International Customs Clearance
International Customs Clearance

Historically, e-commerce operators have utilised London Heathrow as a main European gateway for customs clearance, but with the rapid approach of Brexit, international businesses are now seeking alternative solutions in mainland Europe.

Aicha Sow, Managing Director of Traxis Customs said: "We believe that Brexit will create some gaps in Europe, and we would like to jump on this opportunity to help transform Paris CDG airport into a European Gateway for incoming e-commerce flows into Europe. We have been supported by the French customs in our mission and we believe that all facilities are now ready for this movement."

Launching in October 2020 and strategically located within Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, Traxis offers an intelligent and flexible customs clearance solution, both internationally as well as to those businesses based in the UK seeking European import and exports clearing solutions.  A Registered Customs Representative, Traxis Customs is capable of handling all import, export and transit customs formalities in France, for all European countries, therefore aiding the free circulation of merchandise within Europe.

Supported by the two mother companies ( &, Traxis Customs’ primary goal is the optimisation of the flow of imported goods. Specialists in providing express customs clearance for Import, Export or Transit flows, the company have the capability of handling huge e-commerce flows from Asia, USA, or UK using data exchange information and state of the art information technology. Customs Clearance services can be arranged individually by shipment for freight mode or over manifest covering a list of shipments arriving or leaving in express/courier mode.

Traxis Customs is a subsidiary company of two major logistic providers on the French market : Next Terra International and Global Logistics Network.

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