Toyota Astra Motor – A Key MicroStrategy Partnership Driving Market Leadership

Streamlining and automating data gathering, visualisation, and analysis for accurate, data-driven forecasts

SINGAPORE, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — US-based enterprise analytics and software platform MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) is helping businesses from all industries to embrace the digital age of information by utilising data and business intelligence (BI) tools. By leveraging the power of real-time information, businesses can elevate themselves to the next level just like Toyota Astra Motor.

As a business looking to hold its position as a market leader in Indonesia, Wilbertus Darmadi, Chief Information Officer of Toyota Astra Motor, recognised the importance of data consolidation and identified several major business challenges. These included difficulty visualising data and reports that were often not up to date, proper analysis that made use of actual data as opposed to assumptions, and generating accurate forecasts.

MicroStrategy’s suite of tools creates an informational ecosystem that benefits the company in many areas—including analysis and insights, key facets that influence performance both on the show floor and behind the scenes

Wilbertus Darmadi, Chief Information Officer, Toyota Astra Motor shared, "If we are unable to visualise what has already happened, such as retail sales data for every showroom for every vehicle model and type, it becomes a big issue, as that’s a basic mandatory need. We emphasise speaking via data-driven inferences. With MicroStrategy, data is efficiently collated, visualised, and analysed, aiding predictions and forecasts, while allowing us to adopt prescriptive strategies ahead of time."

The business development team is able to monitor retail success in real-time and draw upon historical data reliably for comparison and showroom operations are made more efficient with actionable information gleaned from insights. As a result, Toyota Astra Motor is better equipped to forecast sales volume more systematically because of the dashboards and solutions provided by MicroStrategy.

From the collection of data to analytics, the entire process is streamlined automatically to boost efficiency and is made more accessible to teams. Lead time is shortened for both dashboard creation and analytics, data is automatically updated, and access can be provided on both mobile and web-based applications.

Ronen Naishtein, Vice President of Sales, MicroStrategy said, "For businesses with huge amounts of data like Toyota Astra Motor, the value that MicroStrategy brings is evident. Such valuable information creates insightful observations and predictions. The capacity for our tools to handle the flow of data, arrange them in easy-to-understand ways, and deliver reports and dashboards to those that can take action is game-changing for the company."

Transforming Toyota-Astra Motor into a data-driven enterprise is an important shift to cement the company’s position in the industry, which not only brings enhancements to the workflow for all the employees but also results in better experiences for customers as a whole.

For more details on the MicroStrategy and Toyota-Astra Motor partnership, please click here.

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