Top 5 crypto podcasts all investors should check

Cryptocurrency Podcast

The emerging cryptocurrency industry is continuously evolving and growing. Thus enthusiasts of crypto along with investors similarly require staying updated. Every stakeholder in this field must try to make a conscious effort to keep up with the fast-moving innovation. There are many ways of staying updated and some consideration to invest in crypto. Yet education needs to be a top priority. Individuals within this space must try to make a conscious effort to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge of whatever is happening in this space not only legally but also technically.

Thus podcasts are one effective tool to educate and bring people up to speed regarding the latest happenings in this crypto space. Dedicated podcast channels are there for education, review of products, news, investments, and interviews among different subjects. Each may be tailored for various specific purposes, they are equally appropriate for all audiences.

Here is a list of the top 5 crypto podcasts that each crypto enthusiast and the investor must consider listening to irrespective of their expertise level.

Bitcoin Audible:

It is one of the highest-rate cryptocurrency podcasts. It has a 4.9/5 star rating on Apple podcast ratings. It gets all right with their discussion choice. The host of it, Guy Swann explores Bitcoin’s nature and that of other cryptocurrency assets from different perspectives from economic analysis, investment, philosophical foundation along with technology. If you have ever been in the cryptosphere for some time and require to learn about some of the difficult cryptocurrency topics, then it is definitely for you. A few interesting topics you will expect to learn here are anonymity, privacy, fungibility and Bitcoin’s environmental case, etc. This podcast delves into a few of the important aspects of crypto. So one can expect to spend between 50-75 minutes listening to every episode.


It is one of the multiple series of podcasts that the Coindesk team hosts. This series is unique. It delves into some controversial topics along with news in the cryptocurrency space. Ben Schiller, Danny Nelson, and Anna Baydakova are the three podcast channel hosts. They engage themselves in some banter with various guests. The majority are respected personnel from significant crypto brands, investors, and marketers. Each episode is between 25-50 minutes.


Laura Shin hosts it. It dabbles in many areas. One it includes some trending issues with experts of the industry as well as pioneers. In this podcast that usually lasts for 1 hour, listeners can hear about how crypto or blockchain technology alike will influence human life along with their approach towards technological advancement. Some noteworthy conversations on the podcast are how blockchain will transform human interaction with the world of finance, NFT bubbles, cryptocurrency payment, and so on. Even after having credentials for backing her knowledge within this space, she exposed her audience to all guests who are field experts.

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine hosts this podcast. It is one of the oldest and most trustworthy news sources. It touches on different events and stories that shape the philosophy, price, and community surrounding the most famous crypto projects worldwide. Additionally, it features experts in the industry who talk about vital issues that arise especially around regulation, policy, adoption, and how the new technology may transform this universe.

The Pomp Podcast

Anthony Pompliano is the most well-known and remarkable personality in the space of crypto. He has an unbiased opinion about all happening in the crypto world. His podcast called The Pomp Podcast provides an everyday dose of cryptocurrency knowledge and insight into the world of finance. It particularly features cultural icons, remarkable personalities, and billionaires who are rooted in business, finance, and cryptos. It gives access to many educational conversations and insights into the worldwide economy and all developing challenges around crypto investment, best practices of investment, and practical solutions.


Are you completely new? Do you wish to make use of podcasts as one gateway into knowing crypto? Then you may wish to seek podcasts such as Crypto Radio offering some introductory series. If you are involved in cryptocurrency already and wish to lead the latest news, and everyday podcast or another podcast that is frequent and talks regarding the latest topics may be very suitable. Regardless of what you will decide on, probably you will require listening to some podcasts before finding something you like the most. You may find many that you wish to have in your rotation.


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