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The millennial generation is the most attentive to the regulatory policies that politicians and presidential candidates propose to implement in Argentina concerning virtual currencies, where 50% of the population is against them. Check out how a bitcoin broker differs from a crypto exchange.

The younger population belongs to this generation; that is, citizens under the age of 30 have adopted cryptocurrencies as an economic solution to the problems of inflation and the imbalance of the traditional economy.

Cryptocurrencies, for millennia, have been the most convenient digital currency for investments, savings, exchanges, and virtual payments, which are used more daily by this group of users, who have expressed their affection for them, generating a significant effect on the next presidential elections.

The population is attentive to crypto regulatory laws

According to surveys, the people representing 40% of the total participants in the electoral processes in Argentina are studying all the presidential candidates’ proposals carefully since many have focused on the cryptocurrency market.

Regulations are the central issue that disadvantage the use and implementation of cryptocurrencies, which enjoy great acceptance by younger voters, who represent many votes.

Bitso shows interest in the great concern of the millennium generation

This panorama was disclosed by a political consultant known as Synopsis in the Argentine country, a study requested by the exchange platform Bitso, in which more than 10 million users interact throughout Latin America.

This study demonstrates the great concern of the entire population in general who uses digital currencies as a means of operation and commercial exchange and on which they depend to obtain income and support their needs.

Another notorious relevant aspect was to show that in past elections, voters took into account the proposals regarding cryptocurrencies made by the candidates before casting their vote, favoring proposals that supported their use.

The young population likes cryptocurrencies more since they are the most interrelated with technology; this does not mean that people of all ages are part of the crypto world.

Cryptocurrencies aim to provide their users with protection and increase the capital they wish to invest in them, satisfying the needs that people show to achieve a strategy that allows them to grow financially quickly and in the medium term with a bit of luck.

Cryptocurrency regulation is an issue of global concern

The different currents that are heard all over the planet on the regulation of digital currencies is a very worrying point for the entire population, regardless of condition, race, and age, because more than 50% of people worldwide know of this form of exchange and many have invested in or interacted with them.

Governments and banking institutions are determined to change the free development of cryptocurrencies in the market; they consider that because they are highly volatile assets and without any control, they need regulations for their use and implementation, focused on the financial protection of investors.

The main attraction of digital currencies is their decentralization, an advantage that people are not willing to negotiate since it is their most significant benefit when carrying out operations, where there is no intervention by third parties to execute decisions on the investments that are owned.


Cryptocurrencies are currently a payment, exchange, and investment method widely used by all people, especially the youngest, who are interested in the digital alternatives emerging on the internet. 

People belonging to the millennial generation have stood out in showing concern and great interest in the issue of cryptographic regulation because they know that it will affect them directly if applied since they are users of them and feel pleased with this type of economy.

Governments must know how to develop strategies that merge the interests of both parties and thus be able to establish the desired regulations without drastically affecting users, who are already convinced that cryptocurrencies can continue their course as up to now without the need for legislative laws that only the pockets of prominent politicians and bankers worldwide would swell.

The digital market for cryptocurrencies is currently in constant growth, despite the falls that these digital currencies have suffered since last year; thanks to the great credibility and acceptance they enjoy, and together with blockchain technology, they have managed to be the method of more efficient and effective payment and exchange.


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