[Tokyo x Stroly] A proof of concept with digital tourism maps examines tourism with a perspective in a post-Covid world

TOKYO, Dec. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Stroly, Inc., (Head office: Kyoto, Japan, CEO: Machi Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as "Stroly"), is a company that develops a digital map platform linked to location information. Since Wednesday, October 20, 2021, Stroly has offered digital tourism maps with three different themes (post-Covid, stress-free, and sustainable tourism) as a proof of concept with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. These themes aim to study tourism and how to promote travel around Tokyo.

Three digital tourism maps in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Three digital tourism maps in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Title: Neo-Shinjuku, Tokyo
URL: https://viewer.stroly.com/1627543732/?room=stroly

Title: The Best Neighborhoods to Stroll in Shinjuku, Tokyo
URL: https://viewer.stroly.com/1629273968/?room=stroly

Title: Tales and Histories in Shinjuku, Tokyo
URL: https://viewer.stroly.com/1627543807/?room=stroly 

The screenshots of the digital tourism maps.
The screenshots of the digital tourism maps.

The Story Behind Exploring Post-Covid Tourism

The tourism industry has been hit hard by the pandemic as people spend more time at home. There’s an urgent need for local governments and tourism organizations to consider methods to promote virtual tourism. By using digital tourism maps, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Stroly are able to conduct a proof of concept. These experiments collect information on how to provide relevant information on tourism and sightseeing for people at home. The digital maps also provide a way for people to communicate with others using the same map in real-time.

The screenshots of the spot information on the map.
The screenshots of the spot information on the map.

Proof of Concept Outline by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Stroly

  • Objective: To study the ideal form of tourism with a perspective on post-Covid, such as stress-free tourism and promoting sustainable ways of travel.
  • Method: Provide digital tourism maps of the Shinjuku area.
  • Target Area: Shinjuku, Tokyo.
  • Target Users: Users who spend time at home, both in Japan and overseas.
  • Implementation Period: October 20, 2021 (Wednesday) – December 31, 2021 (Friday).
  • Other: Analysis of usage status through the provision of digital maps.

About the Digital Tourism Maps

In this proof of concept, we’ve released three digital tourism maps of the Shinjuku area. These maps offer users a virtual sightseeing experience from Shinjuku through digital maps available on the web.

About Stroly: A Digital Map blishing Platform

Stroly is a digital publishing platform that digitizes illustrated maps for effective area branding by linking these maps to relevant location information. Stroly’s platform is accessible through web browsers without downloading an app.

The Stroly platform offers a variety of features on its digitized maps, such as the "spot function" which highlights recommended spots in an area, a "chat function," and a "stamp rally function." So far, more than 9,000 maps from 45 countries around the world are available through Stroly.

Contributors are able to easily communicate points of interest on their maps through the Stroly platform. A heat map function helps map contributors check what areas users have visited while using the map.

This new style of tourism promotion helps reduce costs in printing and distribution of physical maps while reducing the strain on environmental resources.

About Stroly’s New Features

Together with this proof of concept, we’ve released an "event information display function" where you’re able to share event information through the "spot function." This functionality not only informs users of relevant information but also general and seasonal event information.

About the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Pitch Event "UPGRADE with TOKYO"

Beginning in 2019, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has hosted the "UPGRADE with TOKYO" pitch event for startups. This event aims to promote collaboration between the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and startups through public-private sector cooperation.

Startups who are recognized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as contributors to resolving Metropolitan Government issues are considered for collaboration. Stroly won the first round of the competition held in December 2019, and this current experiment is being carried out based on Stroly’s proposal.

Information Disclosure Site for General Users

Stroly’s Landing Page: https://stroly.com/goshinjuku/

About Stroly, Inc.

Website: https://biz.stroly.com/
Mail: [email protected]
The map platform is available for free.
Basic and Premium Plans are available for business use. Please contact Stroly for details.


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