TogoPower Launched The World’s Lightest 1000W Portable Power Station

LOS ANGELES, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the rapid development of technology, believing "technological innovation" as the core competitiveness, TogoPower has launched the most competitive portable power station TogoPower Advance 1000, with the world’s lightest weight of only 8.5KG (lighter 2Kg+ than others).

TogoPower A1000 broke the ultimate limit of the mass-to-volume ratio with the world’s first upgrade of energy density technology on the battery. It integrated two innovative technology systems: the TPM constant power management system and the ECO battery energy-saving management system, at the same time, reaching the limit of the mass-to-volume ratio and ensuring optimal safety performance.

TPM Constant Power Management System

Different from the conventional inverters that can only support rated power output, TogoPower’s inverter use the new power technology called "Power Max", which can intensely supply the power for the appliances with 1-3 times over the rated power and avoid the sudden power shutdown due to overload protection.

(Note: Power Max is unsuitable for high voltage or high power rating requests products, such as air conditioners, drills, hairdryers, etc. Please test first before use)

ECO Battery Energy-Saving Management System

To adapt to the high or low energy consumption in different scenarios, A1000 applies a self-developed technology for low-power automatic hibernation and also adds an ECO controllable button on the power station. Users can have a personal choice whether to open the automatic hibernation function with the button. This new tech enables people accurately use every single watt of power.

Besides innovating technology, the A1000 pays great attention to the human-machine interaction experience and is equipped with user-friendly features like 10W wireless fast charger, anti-dust covers for the port, and LED reading light, the part of which is ignored by other brands due to cost-reducing.  $100 OFF Coupon:TOGO1000   for  TogoPower A1000

(TogoPower 1000W VS Jackery 1000W parameter comparison table)


TogoPower A1000

Jackery Explorer 1000

AC Output



Wireless Charger



Capacity (Wh)



Battery Utilization Rate






Dimensions (mm)



AC Ports



USB Port

QC3.0 Port x3

QC3.0 Port x1

5V/2.4 x1

LED &SOS Light



PD Port

PD 60W

PD 18W

ECO Button



Dustproof Cover



Price $




TogoPower portable Solar Generators have different levels of wattage and capacity to match different demands, such as A240, A350, A650, A1550, and 100W, 120W 200W portable solar panels. Massive Giveaway Win Free TogoPower Solar Generators.

In June, TogoPower plans to launch Master 2200W high-power series products, with the unique tech of Master-MPS uninterruptible power supply safety management system, Master-PCS bi-directional inverter fast charging technology, Master-PCK inverter parallel management system, enhancing user’s significant experience of safe power consumption with high compatibility, diversified input, and output ports.


Since 2000, TogoPower has been in the business of gas generators. In 2019, TogoPower generated a partnership with United Power (German listed generator company) and established our headquarters in Los Angeles. TogoPower creates the best off-grid solar power solutions, offering reliable, safe, functional, eco-friendly products. Everyday brings a unique opportunity to experience the world with the adventure spirit. TogoPower products give you the power to keep your greatest adventure moving forward, take your goal of going outdoors to the next level, making your outdoor life an incredible experience.

TogoPower has established branches in different countries or areas like the United States, Japan(TogoPower????), Europe, Australia, and will continue developing more overseas markets to provide more people with environmentally friendly outdoor power stations.


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