ThroughTek: The Global Push for Baby Care Cameras Industry, Protect Mothers and Babies and Safeguard Home Safety

TAIPEI, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ThroughTek, a worldwide IoT Solution for Cloud Surveillance provides connection and remote management for the global 76 million IoT devices. ThroughTek has rich experience in IoT for 12 years and has joined hands with the world’s top ten Baby Care Cameras manufacturers during the pandemic. The IP camera brands have been deployed ahead of time on ThroughTek’s Kalay2.0 framework of Smart IoT, and provides the best protection of home care and safety protection for mothers and babies.

TUTK’s Kalay platform 2.0 provides IoT development kits for customized services such as P2P, IoT connection, streaming audio and video and product optimization.
TUTK’s Kalay platform 2.0 provides IoT development kits for customized services such as P2P, IoT connection, streaming audio and video and product optimization.

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global baby IP camera sales in 2019 were US$1.2 billion, which is estimated to grow at a rate of 5.4% per year. By 2027, the overall market will reach US$1.9 billion. Among them, the video IP camera has grown by nearly 4.5 times, and the wireless camera products far exceeds the wired ones.

In Europe and the United States, the baby camera, also known as "Nanny Cam", was originally used by working parents to monitor the nanny and the baby at home. After this wave of the pandemic, parents who originally worked at home may take turns to go out. The demand for baby cameras in baby-sitting coupled with the "multiple use of one device" that can simultaneously care for the elderly and pets, has created a strong demand for baby cameras, and sales have grown even more.

Recently, baby cameras have grown steadily in Europe and the United States, and they have also expanded to Asia. Asian parents of the millennial generation are more accepting of baby cameras that are part of smart homes, driving sales momentum second only to the European and American markets.

Baby cameras equipped with multi-camera networking and remote control mobile APP are becoming more and more convenient. AI plus smart video has become a standard equipment to facilitate the real-time video, sound and motion sensor in the house at a glance. The baby cameras featured of recording, play-back, and store images and videos on the cloud have also increased significantly and has become the focus of market competition for various vendors.

In order to take into account the speed of product development, launch and update, as well as the ever-increasing cloud application functions and needs, ThroughTek has joined hands with world-renowned baby IP camera brands to deploy the Kalay2.0 cloud platform to achieve P2P "point-to-point", IoT device connection, streaming video and audio, smart home user equipment management, cloud image monitoring and storage, AI image tracking/information push notification, over-the-air update, smart voice assistant etc. The advantages of ThroughTek’s cloud capability once again prove the strong strength of collaboration of soft and hardware, assisting partners to fulfill product competitiveness in the global market.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, ThroughTek performed well in the first half of 2020, as well as in each month’s revenue in the second half of the year. The North American, Japanese and Chinese markets have all grown significantly compared with the previous year.

ThroughTek, also known as TUTK in the IoT industry, partnered with world-renowned brands, large-scale channel and telecommunications and served as professional cloud solution provider only opens the door of Taiwan’s Internet of Things and software cloud industries to the global market, but also become the invisible champion of global software foundry.


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