Through its Smart Safety Management Platform, GSIL Promotes Joint Technology Commercialization with Top-tier Korean Construction Companies

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GSIL, founded in 2013 as specialized company in smart safety management, is increasing its market share in the industrial safety market through active collaboration with top-tier Korean construction companies. GSIL, a member of Born2Global Centre, has recently been recognized for its technological prowess in Korea’s construction industry after entering into contracts with the Korea Land and Housing Corporation and Samsung Engineering to establish a smart safety management platform for construction sites, and signing MOUs for joint technology commercialization.

GSIL, Korea Land Housing Corporation, and Samsung Engineering CI
GSIL, Korea Land Housing Corporation, and Samsung Engineering CI

In the first stage of its market expansion GSIL will supply a smart safety management platform to construction sites of the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH).

During the first year, the company will install a smart safety management platform in LH pilot sites and then expand to all LH construction sites. GSIL will build a platform operation server that can support the operations of the general and regional headquarters, and construction sites, while strengthening safety control systems that monitor smart safety equipment, and worker safety in hazardous areas, and equipment training management in real time.

GSIL, together with Samsung Engineering, has also promoted the joint commercialization of a SaaS-based smart safety management platform that will quickly enter the smart safety management market.

In the division of effort between the two companies, GSIL is responsible for planning and development of an overall smart safety management platform, while Samsung Engineering’s focus is on investment for the development of the smart safety management platform, market development, and safety standards that are in line global standards.

The smart safety management platform is a mobile-based SaaS-type system that enables safety management across all work stages. Using mobile devices, workers generate and manage safety management data from work processes that must be performed daily.

Through a TBM (Tool Box Meeting) platform, workers can recognize and proactively respond to potentially dangerous situations in the workplace.

GSIL has provided its IoT smart safety systems to construction and industrial sites; the company has been recognized for its technological prowess in related industries, and expects its growth to continue. For the first time as a startup, GSIL acquired New Excellent Technology (NET) No. 828, which is a technology certification related to construction, from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and NET No.2019-5, which is a technology certification related to disaster prevention, from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security. As such, the company was recognized for its technology excellence and field applicability.

Meanwhile, GSIL is building and operating its smart safety system at construction sites of the Gangwon Headquarters of the Korea National Railway and Korea Midland Power. In addition, the company is discussing system application and collaboration plans for Kuwait Motor Town, South Saad Al-Abdullah Smart City, the Los Angeles Metro construction project in the US, Long Son Petrochemical and AISTV in Vietnam, and a power plant in Indonesia.

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