THIRDREALITY Works On Smart Home, Will Launch a New Product– Countdown Timer Switch

A Dual-mode Timer That Can Be Applied To More Scenarios

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, a brand, THIRDREALITY, dedicated to home automation, has launched a new countdown timer switch (or directly referred as "timer switch", "THIRDREALITY Timer Switch") that works with standard toggle and rocker switches. "THIRDREALITY Countdown Timer Switch is a simple solution to upgrade your existing wall switch to a countdown timer switch. It mechanically flips existing Toggle and Rocker switches up and down." said Xuezhang Dong, CEO of Third Reality.


THIRDREALITY Countdown Timer Switch is very convenient and simple. No wiring needed for the timer installation, so just put the timer switch onto the existing switch plate. The timer switch has a default timer setting that means if you have a requirement for 30-minute timer, directly put the timer switch onto the wall switch you want to control and turn it on, then it will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

Dual mode—local timer setting and app-controlled timer setting, is the brightest spot of the switch. THIRDREALITY Timer Switch offers 8 setting options for local timer settings (1-min, 5-min, 10-min, 15-min, 20-min, 30-min, 60-min, 120-min). These options can basically satisfy the general application and are especially appropriate for children to use.

For more flexible timer settings, people can use Third Reality APP. Timer settings(0-24h) are available on the app. Besides, you can check the timer and battery level (2AAA batteries that can last at least 3 years and it’s very convenient to replace) from the App. You can set the countdown timer and update the Timer Switch software from the App.


Third Reality, Inc. is a professional and experienced company that aimed at bringing more and more innovative smart home products. The company was set up in 2018 and has been growing rapidly in recent years. Third Reality works in an extensive range of business, resellers and individuals in multiple countries. The smart products developed by Third Reality have satisfied people who have various requirements for home improvement.

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