The #WondershareChallenge Campaign Unleashed Content Creators’ Imagination All Around the World

More than 100 unique creators showed off their talent and creativity on social media

VANCOUVER, BC, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone can be creative when there is a chance. Wondershare launched the #WondershareChallenge campaign on social media from March 22nd until April 11th, in those 21 days more than 100 authors participated and posted more than 2K original creations. 

The #WondershareChallenge Campaign Unleashed Content Creators’ Imagination All Around the World
The #WondershareChallenge Campaign Unleashed Content Creators’ Imagination All Around the World


"Creativity is divergent – That means getting engaged and challenging your own idea in your way. At Wondershare, we offer room for that divergence through our products to help both sides of the brain maneuver between concepts," said Shaan Jahagirdar, Chief Design Officer of Wondershare. "#WondershareChallenge was a great call for everyone to support creativity as the future of personal expression."

According to Sprout Social figures, the campaign achieved 2.8 million impressions and a total of 20K engagements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Winners were announced on Wondershare’s official social media channels on April 16. Twelve participants were the happy winners of special prizes and the 21 best submissions for each topic got a Wondershare Fan Box.

The first prize winner was @__rainwave, who went beyond the individual prompts and created two images combining several prompt ideas into flawless graphics.

"What a fun project this was! The #WondershareChallenge helped me get out of an art block with their creativity prompts. I was so engaged with the daily prompts! – even the ones I could not make on time, I was determined to somehow incorporate into the next," said @__rainwave. "I love how the ideas mixed together and created different stories on their own. This challenge drove me to create again!"

The second prize winner was @flawriie, whose entries were diverse and unique for most of the prompts.

"Participating in the #WondershareChallenge is a great experience for me as an artist. It encouraged me to create every day. During the challenge, I always made sure that I got to capture the prompt for the day through my vision and style," said @flawriie. "Being one of the winners really boosted my confidence as an artist because it means that the people in Wondershare appreciate my work, which I’m really thankful for."

As one of the judges of the contest, Shaan felt pleased and proud of every participant who bravely shared their creations on social media. "It is not an easy task to create something for 21 different themes within 21 days. The participants showed interest, resilience and wit, they completed this challenge brilliantly," He said. "Influenced by that, Wondershare will keep on launching more fresh campaigns to encourage the community to be creative."

For more information about the #WondershareChallenge campaign, please visit the website: or follow the official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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