The Pioneering Wireless Crane Camera by Scarlet is Expected to Improve Construction Site Safety and Boost Productivity

TAIPEI, Oct. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Scarlet Tech, a leading instrumentation and construction technology company, announced the launch of Hercules Wireless Hook Crane Camera System today. Hercules is a crane safety monitoring equipment for tower cranes, luffing cranes, mobile cranes, and other heavy-duty cranes. The whole system is an active safety technology that provides crane operators and safety managers with direct 2K live video footage of the surrounding area below the hook and other viewpoints on the construction site, serving as the second pair of eyes for crane operators and construction site HSE (Health Safety and Environment) managers to overcome blindspots and identify potential hazard zones.

photo provided by Can-lift
photo provided by Can-lift

"Hercules is the first-of-its-kind in the market," said Dr. David Huang, Scarlet Tech Co-Founder and Managing Director. Hercules is the crane camera system that adopts advanced wireless technology for seamless and stable audio-visual output and the first to have Starlight-enhanced 2K resolution camera for clear night vision. In addition, Hercules supports up to four camera placements in different parts of the crane and worksites for wide-ranging views, improving communication between crane operators and riggers. Smoother communication boosts productivity. Making more picks within the same period of time is no longer empty talk.

What further differentiates Hercules from other competitors is the ability for high-level customization with the network video recorder (NVR) and ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) protocol, allowing integration with the client’s own system. Carried with a dual-powered Lithium Ion and solar battery that can last 40 hours, Hercules’s wireless technology has overcome the latency in transmitting images, providing real-time video feeds that helps operators make informative decisions in all kinds of lifting operation. With the starlight camera and defogging functions, Hercules provides better visuals under harsh weather and dark environments.

"In many complex construction sites where there are many high-rise buildings or in underground construction, crane operators often have difficulty in getting a clear and unobstructed view from below the hook", said Dr. David Huang. Using camera safety systems improve communication and overall awareness during lifting operations.

The integration of technology in the construction industry is getting more well-accepted nowadays. "We have been getting positive feedback from our old clients during the exclusive pre-launch," said Dr. David Huang. With the expected growing global tower crane market to reach USD 10 billion by 2028, Hercules is anticipated to be the market leader in the wireless crane monitoring system industry.

Hercules Crane Hook Camera is now available worldwide, starting July 8, 2022.

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Scarlet Tech is a leading occupational health and safety technology company headquartered in Taiwan with a subsidiary company in the US. Scarlet specializes in wireless and IoT instruments, most well-known for their wireless crane hook camera system and wireless anemometer series. Scarlet products have been used across various industries, including heavy construction equipment, construction, industrial, marine, oil, and gas, to name a few. Scarlet also offers a customization service providing a tailor-made solution for high-profile clients globally.

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