The new wave in Edtech: Learn to earn with Camly Academy Platform

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CAMLY ACADEMY – A global online education platform for the young Vietnamese generation introduces the VIP Privilege "Learn to earn" for Learners and Educators.

Strongly aiming for the milestone of 90,000 users in just 3 months of launching the first version in the Vietnam market, Camly Academy continues to give students and lecturers meaningful gifts on the occasion of the year-end festival season. This gift is also new extended functions on the platform that help lead from the journey of learning to increasing real income.

"I am fortunate to have associates who are full of heart – virtue – talent, trust and accompany me, jointly creating Camly Academy Platform – with the dream of bringing happiness to Vietnamese people and bringing Vietnamese wisdom to the world. The achievement of 90,000 users in three months is just the beginning of the rapid milestones in 2022. I have a strong belief in the future development of Camly Academy from the intellectual & humane seeds that I and my colleagues have sown since the early days. Camly Academy platform provides all the tools for teaching and learning for free. Besides, users also can earn crypto currency, an outstanding business model that only exists in the Golden Age." Ms. Duong Cam Ly, founder of CamLy Group, investor of Camly Academy Platform shared.

The path to success in today’s economy requires young people to learn quickly – apply quickly, while at the same time being flexible in an open world that crosses borders and sees the opportunities of the future.

Increased income from intellectual growth is obvious, but being rewarded with happy coins from the time you invest in learning is the first time appearing on the Camly Academy platform. It is known that the Camly Academy platform is also taking steps to issue a digital currency called CamlyDemy Coin along with a strong step into the potential blockchain economy in Vietnam in 2022 -2023. The platform also uses NFT technology to secure the intellectual property rights of courses content from Educator partners.

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