The Most Beautiful Eyes Found by coocaa TV

BANGKOK, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, coocaa launched the #FindTheEye activity to call people to find and show the most beautiful eyes in their daily life. The purpose of the event is to call on people to care for their eyes and pay attention to eye health.

The #FindTheEye event ran from March 22 to March 26. In order to attract more people to participate, coocaa has launched a series of rewards. Among them, the top 1 can get an EYE CARE TV 50S6G Pro Max for free; the second and third one can get a 50% off voucher on Lazada to purchase the EYE CARE TV.

Click on the link to get more information about EYE CARE TV:

After 5 days of intense competition, coocaa has selected 3 winners from the many entries.

Up to now, the #FindTheEye event have been successfully concluded, and we have seen many good entries in this event. The coocaa official account will gradually display excellent works on official account and offline stores.

On March 29th, coocaa launches One-Day Spokesman only for the Top 3 Eyes. Their pictures are displayed on the brand official accounts and offline stores! Let’s see that on nearby stores.

Through this activity, we found that eye protection is not only a passion for a period of time, but a long-term action. Eye health is closely related to everyone. Only by caring for our eyes can we see this better world.

Introduction of coocaa

Founded in 2006, coocaa specializes in hardware manufacturing, system R&D, content operation and smart TVs, alongside coocaa audio equipment, earphones, and routers. coocaa promotes the innovation and development of advanced technologies, with the aim of providing smart gadgets that meet the needs of the younger generation. coocaa is dedicated to connecting with the younger generation, and exploring intelligent lifestyles enabled by technology and the Internet. Adopting sleek and fun designs, coocaa is continuously developing intelligent and trendy technological products for young people. Explore, discover and create, harnessing the attitude of young people is always coocaa’s brand sprit.


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