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MANILAPhilippines, March 25, 2022  /PRNewswire/ — Recently, coocaa has launched EYE CARE TV S6G Pro Max which focusing on protecting people’ eyes from screen flicker. People always neglect the harms of screen flicker for it cannot be felt easily. Actually, screen flicker is harmful and usual among our life. coocaa will tell you harms of flicker and the way to protect your eyes.

Harms of flicker!

The World Vision Report shows that there are more than 2.2 billion people with vision impairment or blindness in the world! And using electrical devices too much has become the most severe situation for people’s eyes! Blue light is always thought to be the root cause of damage to the eyes of electronic devices. However, flicker are more harmful than blue light?

Flicker can cause a person’s pupil continuously rapid contraction. Ciliary muscle always is in nervous condition, easy to cause eye fatigue, the phenomenon such as migraine. Severe cases can result in photosensitive epilepsy, seizures, syncope.

What exactly is flicker?

Flicker refers to the phenomenon of a light source flickering. For example, when we get up in the morning, the moment we open the curtains, the sun will stimulate our eyes. This is visible to the naked eye flashing. The back-light of ordinary TV flashes alternately with fixed frequency inside certain time, which creates flicker but cannot be seen. Actually, the most LCD TV on the market has flashing phenomenon.

Dimming is realized by current switching. The higher the frequency, the higher the brightness, and the lower the frequency, the lower the brightness. In the low frequency and low brightness state, the eyes will feel the screen flicker. coocaa totally changed the mode operation of TV power!S6G Pro Max uses a back-light that can change the brightness of the screen by changing the current to reduce the power of the circuit, so that the screen brightness changes smoothly, without any flickering. This way, the back-light has no flash and is healthier for our eyes.

Besides, coocaa launched the activity #FindTheEye to call people to find the most beautiful eyes in their daily life and to protect their eyes. Get more details from here: https://www.facebook.com/coocaaindonesia

Get more details from coocaa website?https://bit.ly/36hNUP7


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