Letty is the 20th hero and completely obsessed with exploding her enemies from afar with her personal heavy cannon weapon

SEOUL, South Korea, March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Heavy cannon gunner, Letty, is now open to play in Nexon’s popular MMORPG Vindictus, making her the 20th hero to enter the game. She’s a former cadet of the Lyon Navy and despite her looks, is obsessed with flames, destruction and thrills. Her heavy cannon, Cradie, keeps her company as she goes from battle to battle causing massive explosions.

Heavy cannon gunner, Letty, is now open to play in Nexon’s popular MMORPG Vindictus, making her the 20th hero to enter the game.
Heavy cannon gunner, Letty, is now open to play in Nexon’s popular MMORPG Vindictus, making her the 20th hero to enter the game.

Exclusive Weapon

Cradie, Letty’s personal heavy cannon, deals massive damage to enemies. On the battlefield, Letty can shell enemies from afar and the recoil from Cradie enables her to dance around enemies, turning every dangerous situation into a chance to strike back.

Exclusive Equipment and Skills

Letty comes with her old cadet uniform "Shooting Star," that features a sprinkle of her own style and gives the military uniform an elegant twist. For those who want to officially join the Navy, Letty can change into her "Elite Officer" uniform that’s designed to neutralize the weight of plate armor and improve agility.

As a lovely heavy cannon gunner, Letty holds special skill abilities to support her in combat. Her first main skill is "Storm Smite," which fires a powerful shot after reloading her heavy cannon, dealing massive damage to enemies hit and causing chained explosions that activate Letty’s "Thrill" status effect. Her "Beautiful Blaze" skill fires concentrated flames after reloading. The remaining flames on the ground can be scattered around for additional damage. "Letty Bomber" fires a giant shell filled with Letty’s specialty bombs into the sky toward the enemy. The giant shell and her cluster of bombs will fall to the ground, dealing massive damage. Finally, her ultimate skill is "D-Day," which suppresses the enemy and fires a galore of shells with her heavy cannon, causing a dazzling chain of explosions.

More detailed information on Letty’s skills and equipment can be found on Letty’s Promotion Page.  

Special Event

To celebrate Letty’s arrival into the Vindictus universe, there will be a Carnival Party – an in-game event for players with a level 10 or above to attend, starting now through April 26, 2022. Throughout this event, players can receive Letty’s Outfit Set Destiny Box, the title of "The First Letty" bound to their character, an Unlimited Inner Armor Pass (30 days) and a Storage Chest Expansion Ticket. The outfits exclusive to this event will hold special character stats to buff Letty in battle. Details on each of the items offered can be found here.

A detailed list of the new content included in the latest Vindictus update can be found in the full patch notes.

Vindictus is an action MMORPG that launched in 2010, making 2022 its 12th year of service. The game takes place in a desolate land teeming with wild beasts and features fast-paced, brutal combat which gives players the ability to weaponize objects in their environment.

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