The Latest Technology To Enthral Canadian TV Consumers

Most people have no doubt heard of multi-room TV and many will have this installed in their homes. However, this system has never been completely wire free… well, until now. Bell Canada offers an Internet Protocol-based television service mainly in Ontario, Ottawa and Quebec, although this will eventually cover Montreal and Toronto. The TV service has been bundled together with Bell’s Internet service to produce the ultimate viewing pleasure.

Bell Fibe TV

Bell Fibe TV had their official launch in September 2010 and they envisage that their Fibe TV will be available to over 5 million Canadian households by 2015. The Bell Fibe TV service is delivered to homes along with Bell Internet through a fiber optic network. It is estimated that Fibe TV will provide an HD picture that is ten times better than standard cable TV. They also provide many other groundbreaking and state-of-the-art features.


  1. Bell provides a “Whole Home PVR” package, which basically means that you have personal video recorder (PVR) functions with all your TV’s in your home. Therefore, just by using a single PVR you have the ability to record, rewind and pause live TV from any TV in your home.
  2. They provide an on demand service, which allows you to catch up with your favorite shows whenever you wish, and on demand also extends to watching the latest movies that are available.
  3. You have an extremely flexible choice of channels, so you can literally choose a TV package best suited to you and your family’s needs. This includes over 100 HD channels to choose from, 70 international channels, or you could simply pick one of the 20 available theme packages.
  4. You have a huge range of apps to use via your TV screen, including Facebook, Twitter, TSN Extra and many more. You simply need to press the TV’s interactive button to see the vast array of apps available to you. It should be mentioned that using apps via your TV will have an impact of your overall Internet usage.
  5. You will have the use of an on-screen guide, which allows you to easily and quickly search for your favorite TV programs, movies and any other events you may be interested in watching.

Initial Setup

Traditionally, most TVs are placed in a specific room or place in the home so they are near to a cable outlet. However, through the invention of Fibe TV it is only your first receiver/TV that needs to be wired. You then have the ability to have up to 5 additional TVs anywhere in your home, which will be connected a wireless receiver. There are no cables required for these connections therefore you can put these additional 5 TVs anywhere in your home without having to worry about them being near a cable outlet.

This also means that you have the ability to move your TV around to anywhere you like. There’s no need to worry about drilling holes or plugging in a huge number of cables, as once your system has been set up you’re good to go. So, imagine if you have a party and you need to move your TV out of the room or even if you want to watch the latest sports action with your friends in the patio you can easily and safely move your TV without having to worry about connections.

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