An Audiophile’s Dream – Four Musical Gadgets For The IPhone

From the dawn of civilization, music has been with humanity and plays a key role in our emotions and ability to express ourselves. As technology has permitted, both our methods of creating new music and our ways of enjoying them have evolved to keep pace with our world. Over the past few years, musical instruments and other audio equipment have been challenged by the development of smartphones such as the iPhone, which disrupt the market by offering solid alternatives to expensive musical equipment. In the following article, we will discuss four musical gadgets that have adapted to these changing times and how each can play a role in audio capture and creation.

Vestax Spin2 DJ/VJ Table

You can turn any iPhone or iPad into a full-fledged DJ station with the Vestax Spin2 DJ/VJ Table. With professional mixer controls, effect controls and jog-wheels – on top of the included D-Jay app for use with the iPhone – users have professional quality DJ capability using the simple Vestax table and their iOS devices. With your music library on-hand, you can quickly access any and all songs from your iPhone or iPad and then proceed to edit, remix and tweak them using the myriad of functions included on the table. Currently priced at $350, the Vestax Spin2 Table is a great purchase for professional and aspiring DJs alike.

Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster

Useful as both a standard guitar and a recording device, the Fender USB Stratocaster is a well-priced string gadget that combines old-school design with modern convenience. The built-in interface allows users to connect the Stratocaster directly with any iPhone for signal monitoring and audio capturing. Whenever you want to play normally, just hook the guitar up to any amp for natural sound with excellent quality. Constructed from basswood, rosewood and maple, the feel and shine of the Stratocaster is something that will not be taken lightly – and for just $200, it occupies an excellent price point in the market.

Line 6 Mobile Keyboard

Never again will you have to fuss with drivers and adapters: the Line 6 Mobile Keyboard connects directly to any iPhone for seamless audio monitoring and recording. Not only can this 49-key keyboard function with all standard studio apps, but it also draws power directly from your iOS device instead of relying upon an additional power source. With pitch, volume, pan and octave options included in the design, you will be able to achieve the perfect sound without spending hours trying to edit your recordings after the fact. Currently priced at $150, the Line 6 Mobile Keyboard is an excellent value for pianists and audiophiles who want digital sound at analog prices.

Apogee MiC Microphone

Roughly the size of an iPhone itself, the Apogee MiC Microphone offers a simple way to capture just about any type of audio imaginable. In conjunction with an iPhone, the Apogee microphone will track, record and transmit audio from the device to your iPhone for editing or further review. Fine tuning the volume is easy, thanks to the included input gain control knob and indicators that ensure you know when the sound is too loud. A variety of applications such as GarageBand work seamlessly with the Apogee MiC Microphone, making it a primary choice for those who wish to capture pristine audio for a low price ($200).

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