Wonky Wonky Facebook

Ok so just yesterday several of my friends are complaining that they are having problems with Facebook, one of such is that they could not like a photo or a post. The worst experience however, is when you read posts from other people that they could not login to their account. Ok so Facebook looks wonky, what’s new?

There are really times when Facebook is not functioning well on your system, the problem might be local or it might be from Facebook itself. But one thing is for sure Facebook is always able to fix the problem. So there is really no reason to be scared or is there?

Should I be Scared?

Now Facebook have always been in the limelight whenever issues regarding privacy are tackled. Now what makes people panic whenever they experience something different from Facebook like the inability to login their account is the fact that they fear that their accounts may have been tampered or hacked. Nobody wants his or her account to be used to scam their friends or acquaintances via Facebook. Moreover, such wonkiness of Facebook comes unannounced so one would start to be paranoid.


If the Wonkiness of Facebook’s system is due to a scheduled maintenance maybe it would be best to make the public aware of it. This way it would not create mass hysteria, ok i might be exaggerating but one thing is clear prior announcement would help quell the doubts.

If the Wonkiness is unexpected it might still be prudent for Facebook to inform their clients or users on what had happened, remember the life of this social network site is through its users without them there is no social network to speak of. But of course this will not stop anyone from using the most popular Social Media Platform in the world. Oh well…


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