The First Luxury NFT wallpaper by Labodét features rare Niloticus crocodile leather and 68 grams of 18k gold.

PARIS, May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Labodét, a luxury accessories brand for tech, reveals its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) — the first of its kind luxury mobile phone wallpaper.  

The first luxury NFT wallpaper by Labodét ?rafted from Niloticus leather and 18k gold
The first luxury NFT wallpaper by Labodét ?rafted from Niloticus leather and 18k gold

The original physical item for the wallpaper was handcrafted by an expert artisan from rare exotic two-toned Niloticus crocodile leather and decorated with a hand-polished, satin-brush finished, numbered 68 grams 18k gold plaque. The NFT is a high-resolution photograph taken at a studio in Paris. It showcases the full beauty of genuine fine materials. Watch the creation:

Labodét drew inspiration for the NFT wallpaper from its handcrafted leather tech accessories. The NFT we created is characterized by three factors: traditions of fine French craftsmanship, usability on any mobile device, and the emergence of NFT as a way to sell digital assets.

The wallpaper makes any standard mobile device, new, old, or even vintage, into a luxury accessory that can be showcased in real life. This luxury NFT wallpaper links material luxury goods to the new class of luxury goods — non-fungible digital accessories.

The wallpaper will be available for an auction as a one-off piece at from 24 May till 3 June 2021. An exclusive unlockable version of the wallpaper will be available to the winning bidder. This version contains an extra visual component to amplify the status of the asset owner. The highest bidder receives a download link for the set of .jpeg files, compatible with any smartphone model or tablet.

To learn more about the release, visit and follow Labodét on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

This release is the first edition from an upcoming Labodét luxury NFT accessories collection. More luxury NFT accessories for a variety of devices will be released in the forthcoming months, including collaborations with renowned jewelers and craftsmen. 

Press images are available at the link.

About Labodét 

Labodét is a Parisian luxury brand. While the production atelier is located in Paris, France, the company’s innovations and digital concepts stem from the office in Silicon Valley, California. This geographical diversity is reflected in the brand’s vision to create premium high-quality items for the modern tech-savvy world.

Labodét’s portfolio includes physical luxury accessories for Apple devices, small leather goods, and non-fungible digital accessories, which are first physically crafted and then turned into NFTs.

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