The Best-selling Home Appliance Brand Gaabor Achieving Good Performance Again and Creating A Wide Range of Popular Models

MANILA, Philippines , May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The leading home appliance brand Gaabor has announced good results in its recent online marketing campaigns. On May 5, Gaabor’s product sales ranked Top Three in many categories on shopee and Lazada platforms, and ranked first in the category of Shopee kitchen appliances.

In the second half of 2021, Gaabor strategically positioned Gaabor air fryer as the brand’s first step in Southeast Asian market after in-depth research on Southeast Asian market and precise analysis on the needs of Southeast Asian consumers. In August 2021, Gaabor entered Shopee and Lazada, two major E-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. In just over two months, Gaabor quickly stood out in the category of kitchen appliances of the two platforms. Gaabor air fryer has become a star product for young consumers in Southeast Asia, and is popular on all social platforms.

Gaabor's achievements in Southeast Asia.
Gaabor’s achievements in Southeast Asia.

Continuous Innovation • Comprehensive Layout

Due to high-quality intelligent products, attractive low price and intimate after-sales service, Gaabor products are popular among consumers. In addition, Gaabor’s frequent good news in Southeast Asian market strengthens the brand’s confidence in technological research and development and product development.

In order to seek the brand’s continuous improvement, Gaabor is constantly upgrading product technology. Dual Circo dual circulation Roots blower system and steam fast speed fresh lock technology used in the latest Gaabor air fryer are the first in the air fryer field. It pursues food from healthy less oil to healthy nutrition, starts 4.0 cooking mode, and is a good assistant to help users to realize easy cooking and healthy eating.

Furthermore, Gaabor deeply explores the market demands according to omni-directional home furnishing scene, and actively arranges household appliances in living room (vacuum cleaner, electric fan, air purifier, etc.), household appliances in kitchen (air fryer, rice cooker, meat grinder, etc.), household appliances in bedroom (mite removal equipment, humidifier, mosquito-killing lamp, etc.), household appliances for personal care (hair dryer, hair clipper, etc.), and other fields. Gaabor is committed to providing users with a full range of high-quality and healthy life.

526 Brand Day

On May 26, lots of best-selling Gaabor products will have their ultra-low prices.
On May 26, lots of best-selling Gaabor products will have their ultra-low prices.

Pursue technological innovation, and help comfortable life. Gaabor continues to lead a new way of healthy life through high-quality products, while always using warm brand services and thoughtful brand activities, so that more users can have Gaabor products.

On May 26, Gaabor Super Brand Day, lots of best-selling Gaabor products will have their ultra-low prices.

Among them, Gaabor Air fryer GA-M45B, as Gaabor’s classic product, adopts the brand’s core technology and elegant moonlight white color, and is Gaabor’s king of sales all the time. Gaabor vertical stand fan GFD-N400A01 is a new Gaabor super cost-effective product for the coming high-temperature summer in Southeast Asia.

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