The Art of Craftsmanship | GAC MOTOR Hosts Chinese-Panamanian Artists Exhibition

GUANGZHOU, China, March 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GAC MOTOR has been operating in Panama since 2019, earning a solid foothold in the local market with quality vehicles and innovative designs. As Chinese smart manufacturing and automobile technology make a strong reputation worldwide, GAC MOTOR Panama hosts a vibrant exhibition. The Chinese-Panamanian artists at the exhibition represent a shared love for craftsmanship – the combination of beauty and skill – present in visual arts and the art of creating cars.

Progenie | The Spirit of Craftsmanship Across Cultures

The exhibition, named "Progenie," displayed the paintings of Chinese-Panamanian artists of three different ages, highlighting the contribution of Chinese painters to the multicultural tapestry of Latin America and notably Panama today.

The concept of Chinese craftsmanship has been a key pillar of GAC MOTOR’s overseas brand identity for some time now, with the GAC development strategy focusing on bringing outstanding Chinese designs and technology onto the world stage.

Cross-cultural art exhibitions like this one are important in communicating the amazing creativity that Chinese brands and individuals have to offer the world.

Ms. Mai Yap, one of the exhibiting artists based out of Florida, USA, said that "China lives in us, and although we came from and were born in different countries, we carry all that culture within us."

Mai Yap’s colorful works were displayed alongside another young visual artist, Nicole Rumaldo Choy, who represents merging these two cultures’ creative prowess.

The Spirit of Craftsmanship: Continued Efforts in the Americas

GAC MOTOR has become the top-performing Chinese brand in local sales since entering the Panama market in 2019. The nation is now home to more than 400 new GAC MOTOR owners.

Ever since the launch of the All New GS4 and extensive engagement in car rental projects last year, GAC MOTOR has attracted more attention. It has become a representative of Chinese car brands in Panama.

In the new year, GAC MOTOR will continue to provide Panamanian users with a high standard of travel experience. The brand looks forward to a future of further healthy development in the Americas.


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