The All-New coocaa S3U PRO Smart TV: Your Best Screencasting Experience Coming Soon

NEW DELHI, Aug. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — World-famous Guinness World Record holder for "The most LCD TVs sold on a single online platform in 24 hours in the world", coocaa TV, is once again proud to announce its latest unveiling to the world: the All-New coocaa S3U PRO Smart TV.

Throughout the years, modern smart TVs have heavily relied on costly Wi-Fi connectivity to realize their true potential. From online streaming services to gaming, smart TVs have always required you to connect to your home network to bring you the best in modern living.

coocaa S3U PRO
coocaa S3U PRO

What if we told you didn’t have to rely on your home network to enjoy the #cooLife.

After years of research and development in modern wireless entertainment, the coocaa S3U PRO Smart TV merges modern technology and cost-friendly home-viewing together, thanks to its signature CC Cast Technology feature.

Equipped with a built-in Wireless LAN, the S3U PRO Smart TV’s CC Screen Cast technology allows you to share your smart-device’s screen directly onto the big screen without the hassle of connecting to a common Wi-Fi network – meaning you SAVE BIG on hefty Wi-Fi bills, while increasing all screen-sharing capabilities.

How does it work? Simply stream your favorite content from your smartphone like usual, and allow the S3U PRO’s built-in WLAN network to handle the rest – it’s that simple! Now, you no longer have to worry about additional Wi-Fi bandwidth costs. Internet at home down? No worries! Using your smartphone’s data bundles, share your mobile viewing to the big screen and enjoy all your top mobile games, or stream all your favourite shows on the brand-new coocaa S3U PRO!

The S3U PRO Smart TV is especially designed for pleasant screen-sharing experience by providing reliable connectivity, allowing you to enjoy seamless online streaming from the comfort of your home. With S3U PRO’s extra-large screen bolstered by coocaa German Picture Quality Lab, intelligent noise reduction technology and Dolby Audio sound effects, you are guaranteed with a remarkable home-viewing and gaming experience.

So, say goodbye to buffering caused by slow Wi-Fi bandwidth speeds, and say hello to mobile viewing through the big screen! Follow our official @coocaa page on Facebook and get ready for the latest S3U PRO Smart TV from 10th Aug! Click and buy now.


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