The 2nd Hong Kong Game Enhancement and Promotion Scheme Launches the “Online Hong Kong Pavilion” in the “Taipei Game Show 2021”

12 Selected Hong Kong Game Start-ups Promote Hong Kong Original Games to Global Market Amid COVID-19

HONG KONG, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 2nd Hong Kong Game Enhancement and Promotion Scheme (GEPS) organized by The Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association (The HKDEA) selected 12 Hong Kong game start-ups to receive holistic support, including the participation in the "Taipei Game Show 2021" held from 28th to 31st January 2021 to promote their game products to the global markets. 

“Taipei Game Show 2021” is held from 28th to 31st January 2021 at Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1.
“Taipei Game Show 2021” is held from 28th to 31st January 2021 at Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1.

The program under the 2nd GEPS lasts for one year, during which each of the 12 selected game start-ups receives promotional funding, trainings, professional guidance and two intern as game tester to support a newly launched original game (designated game), in addition to the promotion via the platform of "Taipei Game Show", with a view to enhancing the quality and profitability of these games and in turn further the development of Hong Kong’s game industry.

Due to the pandemic, The HKDEA set up the "Online Hong Kong Pavilion" in the "Taipei Game Show 2021" so that the 12 selected game start-ups could still promote their designated games without flying to Taipei in person. This could help them seize the opportunity to proactively promote their original games and Hong Kong’s game culture to game developers and publishers from other parts of the world and further widen the business opportunities for Hong Kong’s game industry.

Hong Kong’s game industry has always been known for its diversity, creativity and international flavour. As a world-class metropolis with an eclectic blend of Chinese and Western cultures, the city produces innovative games of all genres, drawing inspiration from East to West, and popular Hong Kong comics and animation titles. Besides targeting the local market, which has an annual turnover of about HKD 7 billion, many Hong Kong-made games have also made successful forays into the markets abroad with excellent results.

Mr. Gabriel Pang, Chairman of The HKDEA, said, "We are so glad to set up the ‘Online Hong Kong Pavilion’ in the ‘Taipei Game Show 2021’ despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Pavilion, the original games of 12 excellent Hong Kong game start-ups will be introduced in a round-the-clock manner. We expect that these game companies can have a fruitful cultural exchange online with their counterparts and meet the buyers and potential partners from other countries and regions, while providing a first-hand experience of Hong Kong’s creative original games to all the exhibitors and visitors of the ‘Taipei Game Show’."

The physical "Taipei Game Show 2021" is held from 28th to 31st January 2021 at Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1.

The 12 selected game start-ups of the 2nd GEPS showcase their designated original games in the "Online Hong Kong Pavilion" in the "Taipei Game Show 2021", with their company and game details as follows (in alphabetical order of the company names)

Company Name

Game Title

Type of the Game

Brief Description of the Game

Add Mission Workshop Limited

Kong-Fu Legends

Simulation / Role-playing

Kong-Fu Legends is a character raising game with great freedom and catchy moments. This is a nostalgic game set in the 1980s’ Hong Kong, and in the game  people from all walks of lives are secret kung fu masters. Players may take different role, through a series of tough decisions and conflicts, to make a name for themselves in the businesses and kung fu arenas.

Anxious Otter Games Limited

Idle Dragon Tycoon

Simulation / Role-playing

Idle Dragon Tycoon is a casual idle game created with reference to Idle Miner Tycoon and Tap Titans. The developer has added a unique element into the game (i.e. a dragon farm) in which players need to develop dragon farms on different planets to gather dragon souls and then upgrade their dragons. On different planets, the players can utilise the flying dragons obtained through lucky draws to gather the souls of the other dragons to further develop their farms.

Finifugu Games Limited

Otter Ocean

Simulation / Puzzle-video

Otter Ocean is a cute, pet and idle management game in which the players manage a team of otters to dive, discover mysteries and collect treasures – from the ocean depths, to otter space! On their journey, players can clean up and bring life back to various environments to build up the cuddliest otter empire! Collecting these lost artefacts, mysterious food and unknown otter species fill up a collection book which will then help the players unlock new zones to be explored. Players are required to feed and care for the cuddly critters to get them ready for underwater expeditions, put together diving teams and then send them to explore special ‘dive spots’ like coral reefs or sunken ships, based on the otters’ diving experience. The otters may bring some gifts when they return. These could be collectable treasures, a variety of strange food, new otter species or just trashes. Players can use these gifts to decorate their environment or interact with the otters.

Gameba Studio Limited

Micro Smash

Simulation / Role-playing

Micro Smash is a casual mobile action game with real-time matching and level battling in third person’s view. Players need to control slippery characters with special moving physics which simulate the movement of ‘microbe’. With unique storytelling and concise game control, the gameplay of Mirco Smash is modelled on a nostalgic game, the operation of which was ended many years ago. There were around 1.5 million players of such game in Taiwan and Hong Kong according to a news report. With more and more old games transplanted to mobile platforms nowadays, the game developer anticipates that many players of the old games will form a favourable niche market.

Genuine Studio Limited

Rainy Butcher

Adventure / Puzzle-video

Rainy Butcher is an adventure game in which players are reporters aspiring to become famous editors. They are required to investigate the crimes of serial killer irrespective of their personal risks. Players can change the endings by making different choices and, however, their common goal is to find out the serial killer.

Goblin Gamer Company Limited

Gate of Mobius

Action / Role-playing

Gate of Mobius (GOM) is a 3D fast-paced MMORPG mobile game. It adopt unique cartoon/anime rendering style to make it more attractive. GOM has a unique brand new story inspired by a combination of well-known fairy tales, such as snow white, little red riding hood, etc. Players can travel alone or team up with up to other two players to complete the missions and boss fights. In addition, the game has e-sport mode in which competition events will be available regularly and players can fight against others and compete for the honor and game resources.

As GOM is a combination of stories, it is extendable without limits by adding new stories, characters, costumes, skills and gears.

Minidragon Limited

Dungeon Warriors

Action / e-Sports

Dungeon Warriors is a hack and slash game for the mobile platform. Focusing on simple control, the game can be played in portrait mode with one hand so players can play anywhere. The innovative combat system allows the players to perform combo attacks and spells with easy swipes and taps. The game places a high emphasis on fighting large groups of enemies using physics-based combat interactions, for maximum satisfaction.

There are different hero archetypes for players to choose, which can reflect their personality and play style, such as the close-combat classic hero – Knight, and the glass cannon spellcaster – Mage.

Monetization model comes in the form of lucky draw where players can collect additional adventure game characters to become partners to add into their parties.

Original Workshop Company Limited

Idle Hollywood Tycoon

Simulation / Puzzle-video

Love movies? If you have ever dreamed of being a film producer and owning your entertainment kingdoms. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!  Players can star their own movies ranging from thrillers, amazing comedies, cute romances to bold western.  They can create, produce and star their own films! Players need to organize super star classes for celebrities, grow their careers, build levels of their own production houses, hire the stars and own their own halls of fame. The next goals of the players are of course to be award winning producers and become billionaires! Players just need to click the games to develop their greatest and brightest careers in Hollywood to amuse their audiences and make more money.

Paro Limited

Healing Spree

Simulation / Puzzle-video

Healing Spree is an insane couch co-op game for one to four players. The players and their partners need to collaboratively run a clinic, treat patients across the globe and defend against the overwhelming pandemic at all cost. Heaven or hell? It’s their choice. The game can let players dive into lives of being doctors and test their friendship.

Simplist Limited


Adventure / Puzzle-video

Lilulu is an exploration puzzle game by exploring the mental state of a little girl named Lilulu who has an unusual mental state.

Players are required to proceed stage by stage while chasing Lilulu in fantasy mazes.

Different mazes represent different memories of Lilulu. In these mazes, there will be a mysterious little girl evading the players’ chases. The use of different furnishings and mechanisms to catch Lilulu may cause different mysterious events and players can understand the entire story stage by stage.

The Ore Studio Limited

Defense Force

Action / e-Sports

This game may be the most out-standing hard-core game that the players ever played with on mobile devices. They can draw any line on the screens to provide a shield for their sightseeing spaceships. After that, players need to unlock every special spaceship, by learning unique character skills, collecting various gears, finding out their favourite best match, rebounding all attacks from the enemies! To have the strongest and the impenetrable defense force, players need not only weapons, but also the defense items which can rebound the attacks from their emeries! Players, amidst the assaults of the defense force, can enjoy their trips on the Earth.


Trefle & Co. Limited

Dashero: Sword & Magic

Action / Adventure

Dashero is a casual action mobile game officially released on both Android and iOS platforms in September 2020. This game is an elaborately crafted game using the team’s six years of experience in game creation and years of cumulative knowledge of action game system.


With swords and magic on hands, players will face a fantasy world full of monsters. They are required to explore and take adventures in various mazes, and challenge hundreds of dangerous monsters and big bosses.  In order to survive in the adventures, players should obtain different random skills, the combination of which can create countless possibilities and unique battle strategies for players to break through all of the challenges!

More details of the 2nd GEPS and further details of its 12 selected game start-ups and their games are available at:

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