The 1st “Chroma Precision Machinery and Measurement Technology Paper Award” Winners Announced

TAOYUAN, Taiwan, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chroma ATE held the final competition of its 1st 2022 "Chroma Precision Machinery and Measurement Technology Paper Award" on March 17th with winners announced at the awarding ceremony. Gathering the elites from the industry, government, and academics together in this event, this award witnessed the progression and innovation of measurement technology and precision machinery. 

Chroma ATE Chairman Leo Huang (Center) Presented Gold Award Winners
Chroma ATE Chairman Leo Huang (Center) Presented Gold Award Winners

Chroma ATE Chairman Leo Huang indicated that the purpose of establishing the "Chroma Precision Machinery and Measurement Technology Paper Award" is to encourage students to participate in precision engineering research and development, and to cultivate outstanding talents in that field to help the industry developing more high-precision test and measurement products focused on accuracy, reliability, and uniqueness, propelling the development of the overall technology industry. He also expressed thanks to the Center for Measurement Standards of ITRI and all members of review committee for their assistance in making the paper award successfully completed.

Tzeng-yow Lin, CEO of Center for Measurement Standards of ITRI, stated that measurement technology is the kernel for increasing the value of precision instruments and equipment while the measurement capability is an important foundation for the manufacturing industry to achieve the economic scale of mass production. ITRI derives its specialties in setting up metrics standards into precision measurement technology, and turns into a credible testing and verification organization. We are pleased to cooperate with Chroma ATE to convey important measurement knowledge to students and look forward to deepening the foundation of science in various industries.

The call for papers welcomed topics on inspection and measurement technologies for clean technology key components, semiconductor components or advanced process, applied optics and image, 5G/AIoT application, and quantum computing, and control technology in precision machinery and machine learning. The competition started in August 2021 with 55 entries gathered. After 7 months of comprehensive appraisal and voting by 26 reviewers from academia, research, industry, and government, a total of 15 papers are honored with their exceptional quality, including 1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 3 bronze awards, and 9 excellent works, granted a total prize of NT$800,000.

The gold award was won by Zhou Yu-Feng and Chen Hong-Rui from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Taiwan University with the topic on "Research on galvanometer-scan full-field surface profilometry using chromatic confocal principle", instructed by Professor Chen Liang-Chia. The detailed list of award winners is announced on the "Paper Award" website.

During the final paper review, Chroma also held a seminar on The Application of Precision Electronic Measurement for Emerging Technologies with topics covering green energy, semiconductors, precision optics, display testing, and high-precision current and power electronics measurement. The purpose was to propel more industry-academia collaboration and inline the talents with the job market.


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