Targeting Metalworking Industry in Malaysia, Taiwan’s Machine Tool Industry Online Resource Center Has the Key Solution

TAICHUNG, Taiwan, Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan has been known for its world-class machine tools with over 1000 precision manufacturers and tens of thousands of suppliers. For industrial resources integration, the Precision Machinery Center (PMC) has established a one-stop portal "Machine Tool Industry Online Resource Center, MTIORC (" to overcome the physical obstacles, focusing on machine tool industries to show Taiwan’s golden ability in precision machinery and smart manufacturing.

Machine Tool Industry Online Resource Center
Machine Tool Industry Online Resource Center

Taiwan has a complete industrial supply chain for machine tools with an export value of US$ 2.056 billion in 2020, ranking the fifth largest exporter all over the world.

According to the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), the export value of the machinery and machine tool industries has increased from MYR 37.7 billion to MYR 39.4 billion from 2016 to 2020. To strengthen the bilateral trade relationship between Taiwan and Malaysia in smart machine tool industries, the PMC has established the demo portal "The Key Smart Manufacturing Solution in Taiwan" via virtual industrial exhibition to demonstrate the machine tools. The machine tools are divided into 9 categories: lathes and turning machines, other metal cutting machine tools, drilling machines, milling and boring machines, planning, shaping, slotting & broaching machines, grinding machines, machining centers, electric discharge machines (EDM), and Sawing and cut-off machines. Selected manufacturers and suppliers are posted and introduced on the website, developing and providing solutions for metalworking machine tools, establishing a ecosystem for the smart machine tool industries to show the world Taiwan’s key solution.

Metalworking industry is the key industry for Malaysia’s economy development; its applications range from electromechanical, electronic and electrical, transportation equipment to construction industries. Metalworking machinery is one of the machine tool industries and can bring significant opportunities to the machine tool manufacturing, including Laser cutting machines, precision machining centers, electrical discharge machines (EDM), milling machines, drilling machines, lathes, shears, pipe benders, punching machines, bending machines, forging pressers and pressers, etc. Due to the epidemic, the basic metal industries are changing their paths from construction to advanced engineering industries such as medical equipment, aviation, oil and gas, semiconductors, smart machinery, advanced analytical laboratory equipment, robots and electric vehicles.

As the key portal of Taiwan’s machine tool industry, MTIORC not only bring the industry and marketing together, but also attracts the buyers’ attention by graphics and short videos to gain more exposure in the local digital markets. Grabbing the opportunities during the epidemic, Taiwan and Malaysia’s metalworking and machine tool industries can together create a fruitful smart manufacturing collaboration. 


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