tara-indepay Launches SEA’s first One-click Checkout in Partnership with Domino’s Pizza

JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Setara Networks Worldwide ‘s Open API based headless commerce platform, tara-indepay announces SEA’s first frictionless One-click Checkout with global F&B giant Domino’s Pizza. Customer payment experience takes the center stage in this partnership. It will allow Domino’s customers to enjoy One-click Checkout with their BRI bank account without switching to any other payment interface or banking app. Customers can register and create a unique Pay-ID to cruise through the checkout with an effortless single click.

(Right to Left) Rajid Saha_CEO & Cofounder Setara Network Worldwide & Mayank Singh_Chief Digital Officer & Vice President Domino Pizza Indonesia
(Right to Left) Rajid Saha_CEO & Cofounder Setara Network Worldwide & Mayank Singh_Chief Digital Officer & Vice President Domino Pizza Indonesia

There are various pain points customers / merchants experienced due to payment mechanisms – 17% (1 out of 6) transactions dropped due to long complicated checkout process, 9% due to the absence of preferred payment methods / instruments, 4% due to decline of credit cards and many due to high cost of other fees – This platform is built to address those while offering fast, convenience, and the highest security standard.

This next-gen platform enables D2C brands and solo entrepreneurs by offering an end-to-end business engagement platform equipped with instant digitization, social commerce, ordering, analytics, CRM, supply chain, marketing & promotions and much more along with real-time payments and collections served in the forms of Open API, SDK and mobile applications.

"Digital payments play an important role in promoting a country’s economy. Our platform simply solved the painful process by offering an ultra-low-cost, fast, seamless and secure transaction experience, which takes not more than a sec. It is going to impact the digital economy in a massive way as it will help sellers to grow their profits and shoppers to shop more confidently and securely," said Rajib Saha, Co-founder & CEO of Setara Networks Worldwide.

Harneet Singh, CEO of Domino’s Pizza Indonesia  said, "Innovation through digital transformation to win the consumers has always been Domino’s priority and it’s great to be the first F&B player in Indonesia to launch tara-indepay One-click Checkout experience. I see it as a very progressive step for Online Commerce in Indonesia, as it would have a far-reaching impact in simplifying the payments process perfectly."

tara-indepay merchant aggregation platform is already in different phases of integration with all the major banks including Mandiri, BTN, BNI, Danamon and CIMB Niaga; expected to activate them in the next 6-8 weeks. It has also partnered with several core banking aggregators, payment gateways, and switching companies to extend the platform to BUKU2 and BUKU3 banks.(*)


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