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TAINAN, Taiwan, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Specializing in producing the fun and tasty popping boba, liquid-filled bubbles of fruit-flavored juices bursting with deliciousness, Tachiz Group is excited to bring the Asia-originated boba products to global customers. Tachiz Group takes pride in using selected natural ingredients and its rigorous testing process to ensure the highest quality of its popping boba before reaching the stores. Adding a slight twist, Tachiz’s popping boba is customizable, providing endless possibilities for customers, mainly targeting American customers. 

Experienced Popping Boba Manufacturer 

As a young and thriving enterprise with over seven years of experience in the industry, Tachiz Group has committed to promoting its core values of "food safety" and "deliciousness" to provide individual and business customers with the most delightful and sweet treat experience. Consequently, the company has invested significantly in food technologies and manufacturing equipment to ascertain the rigorous production process and add more value to its final products. 

Tachiz Group has received positive feedback and praise from its customers domestically and globally. Moreover, thanks to its high competencies, Tachiz can produce white-label Boba and customize its product to best accommodate the client’s requirements.

As a result of its strong commitment to quality and methodological testing processes, the company has been awarded the internationally recognized FSSC 22000 and Halal certifications, indicating its ability to satisfy even the most demanding customers. It also won the prestigious German Red Dot Award for its creative and sustainable product design and brand communication.

"At Tachiz, we deeply care about the whole process, just like how we care for our children, attending to every detail of the products like our own food. Hence, we believe that everyone will feel safe and joyful as they enjoy our popping boba like us. To achieve this goal, we are always looking for cutting-edge food technologies and nurturing our brand as a safe and reliable one," – shared by Iris, General Manager of Tachiz Group.

Booming popping boba tea market leading to expansion

With its professionalism and continuous improvement, Tachiz Group has acquired an impressive customer portfolio in a short time. Tachiz currently serves more than 20 companies in North America, including the top 10 market share and approximately 30 companies in Europe and Australia.

In the coming years, Tachiz Group foresees growing opportunities to expand its market share in the U.S., particularly with changing lifestyles and preferences for exotic food products. Research shows that the crowded popping boba market in the United States is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% over 2021 – 2028 to reach an estimated market value of $2.7 billion by 2028. Tachiz Group is poised to gain the trust of American customers with its superior and stable boba quality and world-class ingredients chosen for production.   

For a taste of Tachiz’s products or customize your own, contact [email protected] for free samples. More information about Tachiz Group can be found at the company’s website: www.tachizgroup.com, and Taitra’s website:  https://tachiz.en.taiwantrade.com/.   

About Tachiz Group  

Established in 2015, TACHIZ ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. owns cutting-edge technology and embraces new business philosophies to continuously improve and create more value for its clients. Tachiz’s products are made from selected natural ingredients and undergo rigorous testing before being sold to customers. Tachiz’s manufacturing facilities have met international standards, including FSSC 22000 and Halal certifications. Tachiz will continue to develop and innovate more types of food products to bring customers a novel and safe living experience.  

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