SUNMI’s New Brand Film Redefines the Value of Time

SHANGHAI, April 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SUNMI, the Chinese loT technology company, officially released the Brand Film Section 3 globally. After "Priceless" and "Change," Thanonchai Sornsriwichai, the famous Thai director, cooperated with SUNMI again. Together with nearly a hundred ecosystem partners worldwide, SUNMI presented the new brand film TIME to reflect on the value of time and the meaning of connection.

This short film evolves into six stories centered around time.

-Convenience-Forgot the wallet when paying, what shall Ben do?

-Health-Why Lucy and Paul argue at the grocery fruit store?

-Efficiency-Why is everyone on the bus smiling during the rush hour?

-Location-How does the library manager quickly locate the lost book taken by Bruno?

-Companionship-On the way to visit his mom, what does Kenta see at the gas station?

-Hope-How does Steve manage his store better under the epidemic?

In these stories, SUNMI mobile, payment, desktop, and kiosks payments, together with the solutions contributed by partners from different industries, help businesses save time and help everyone seize more time from the life to love more, enjoy more! Nearly 100 partners from around the world, such as Mybus, VNpay, Yonoton, Flipdish, Welpet participated in the joint release and provided scene solutions in different fields such as transportation, catering, retail etc. Technology reconstructed and sublimated time. The essence of business creating a better life for humanity will not change, nor will SUNMI original intention to create a better life with technology. 

Under the guidance of altruism, SUNMI is committed to equipment commercial loT devices for all walks of life, bringing digitization into every business scenario, and working with global ecosystem partners to build an interconnected business world.

By December 31, 2021, SUNMI App Store has become a top App Store for Business with 30,000 partners and over 16,000 Apps, and these Apps have been widely used in food delivery, restaurant, retail, tax control, checkout, and other scenarios. SUNMI ‘s IoT products and solutions have been used in more than 200 countries, regions, and territories, empowering merchants worldwide.

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SUNMI is an IoT company with the core value "Altruism." We are committed to bringing businesses smart IoT devices and support integrated cloud services, to build an interconnected world and finally achieve Business 4.0.

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